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Benefits of a single vendor for health risk evaluation programs

Many health plans experience vendor challenges when leaning on multiple vendors for their risk adjustment programs in the home or primary care setting. From inconsistent data, potential member overlap in programs, and more, all which cause several negative effects on your risk adjustment and quality programs resulting in less desirable overall results. 

So why are single vendors beneficial to health risk evaluation programs?

Improved Member Engagement 
When using multiple vendors, the likelihood of members being duplicated on multiple lists is increased, which can result in member abrasion, lower member satisfaction rates and duplication of efforts to capture member risk data. By using a single vendor, there is less chance of member overlap because only one vendor is conducting member outreach. Also, with one single vendor performing the full service, scheduling, evaluation, recording and reporting, you have a better chance to penetrate the entire list by optimizing the vendor’s full suite of services.  As member’s become familiar with a single vendor, year-over-year engagement results improve. A win-win for both you and your members!

One Strategic Partner
By using a single vendor, your team has one dedicated customer success manager, thus easing the frustration with juggling and managing multiple vendors. In the event of a RADV audit or for HEDIS®  abstractions, you only have one vendor to access medical records from.

Improved Brand Familiarity with Members
When members become more familiar with the single vendor’s brand, they give more recognition and have more trustworthiness towards that brand. By recognizing and trusting the brand, members are more willing to accept and complete evaluations year over year.

Increased Visibility and Compliance
With multiple vendors in play, vendor oversight is more complicated for your legal, security, and risk adjustment teams to assess and manage vendor performance. Managing a single vendor streamlines the work and reduces overall costs for oversight compliance. 

*HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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