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Close to Home: Meet Lisa Anger, Signify Health Nurse Practitioner

By Signify Health Team on 4/16/24 9:00 AM

At Signify Health, our mission is to build trusted relationships to make people healthier. Our national network of more than 12,000 clinicians works to help people gain a more comprehensive view of their health by conducting In-Home Health Evaluations (IHEs). During an IHE, clinicians identify chronic conditions, close gaps in care, and address social determinants of health, making it possible for health plan members to get connected to the right care for their unique needs.  

We’re proud to showcase the clinicians helping us build a more connected, effective care
experience for all – and their personal stories that make this important work feel #ClosetoHome.
This is Lisa’s story. 
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Lisa Anger, a nurse practitioner with Signify Health, has learned to trust her instincts, especially when someone’s health is on the line. Fortunately for one health plan member on Anger’s schedule, her instinct saved a life.

Recently, while completing the In-home Health Evaluation, Anger noted a member had a very low pulse rate. Lisa advised him to seek care immediately to rule out any underlying issues.

The member immediately sought care at a local hospital and needed heart surgery. “I am very thankful for the visit – it saved my life,” the member later told a Signify Health team representative during a phone call to thank Anger for her quick action.

Putting People First

Fortunately, Anger doesn’t often need to offer life-saving clinical guidance during every visit, but she strives to put people first daily regardless of their needs. Whether it’s high blood pressure or a medication issue, she looks for ways to help every health plan member stay healthy.

“Because we have time with members in the home, we’re in a position to notice things others may miss. We can then refer the member back to their primary care provider for the follow-up they need.”

Anger has been with Signify Health since 2022. After six years as a nurse practitioner in the acute care setting, she wanted to try something new.

“Mostly, health care is very quick now. You may only have a few minutes with your doctor, which may not leave enough time to ask questions. With Signify Health, I have the time to go in-depth with health plan members. This is what I want from my nursing career,” she said.

Healthy Hearts

In the spirit of ‘Move More Month,’ observed every year in April, Anger has practical tips to share, many especially important for those at higher risk of heart attacks and strokes. Here are a few suggestions you can also keep in mind:

  1. Get moving: Exercise is a simple way to keep your heart healthy. Even spending 15
    minutes a day walking around your home offers benefits for better health.
  2. Eat healthy: Eating more fruits and vegetables and less salt prevents heart disease.
  3. Manage swelling: Compression socks are recommended for treating heart failure. Even socks with mild compression offer benefits.
  4. At-home monitoring: If you're on blood pressure medication, make sure you have a way to take your blood pressure at home. If something changes, contact your primary care provider. 

Anger also has tips for clinicians who are new to Signify Health. Most importantly, clinicians must truly listen to members to understand their health status and uncover any unmet needs or health issues. Second, she advises clinicians to take things slow initially. 

“It may take you a few months to establish a rhythm. With time, you will learn how to establish trust with members and how to ask the questions,” she said.

Anger earned her bachelor’s and master’s from Indiana Wesleyan University and lives in DeKalb, IL. In her free time, she enjoys visiting estate sales to indulge her love of beautiful dishes.

Are you a clinician interested in helping health plan members gain a more comprehensive view of their health?

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