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Close to Home: Signify Health Nurse Practitioner Courtney Robertson

By Signify Health Team on 5/14/24 10:00 AM

Courtney-RobertsonFor Signify Health nurse practitioner Courtney Robertson, the biggest impact is often found in the smallest, simplest moments. That’s how she’s making the difference for health plan members.

“With members, especially when they’re older, it’s often the small things that can really impact their life and their quality of life,” she said.

For example, she recently visited with a member who had a history of high blood pressure. She had a new blood pressure cuff but did not know how to use it. Courtney taught her how to take her own blood pressure and what numbers to look for.

“She really appreciated that I helped her learn to use her own blood pressure cuff. She felt more empowered once she was educated about hypertension and how to take care of herself,” Courtney said.

Robertson came to Signify Health one year ago after working in the clinic setting. She values the flexibility of managing her own schedule and the opportunity to spend more time with members.

“I appreciate the benefits of working with Signify Health. I’m really able to spend more time with members and observe them in the comfort of their home,”

Beyond providing education, Courtney believes the In-Home Health Evaluation (IHE) is a powerful tool for assessing risks to the member’s safety and independence. When she finds fall hazards, including the absence of handrails by the steps and grab bars in the bathroom, she knows follow-up support is needed.

“Members who don’t have these aides and adaptive devices are at risk for falls and injuries. We can refer them for the assistance they need to reduce these risks.”

As she’s grown accustomed to the IHE, she’s found it’s important to be organized and to put in the time to build rapport with the member. Making small talk, even if it’s about the weather, can help the member feel more at ease and willing to share personal health information.

When she’s helping members, she never loses sight of treating people with kindness and consideration. “My biggest motivator is my grandmother. I remember the challenges she faced at the end of her life and want to ensure older members have a better experience,” she said.

Courtney earned her BSN from East Carolina University, followed by her master’s from Simmons University. A resident of Colorado, she enjoys life in the outdoors with her husband. When time allows, they like skiing, hiking, climbing, and traveling. They have two cats, Cona and Rona, adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic.