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Making a difference: celebrating the work of nurses in homes and communities

By Marc Rothman, MD on 5/11/23 11:58 AM

When I was welcomed into the medical community at the White Coat Ceremony on my first day of orientation at the New York University School of Medicine, a single piece of advice stood out and I remember it to this day: always listen to the nurses! It was some of the most sound professional guidance I’ve ever received, and I’ve followed it my entire career.

The reason why is simple. Nurses spend more time with patients than doctors do. Doctors may diagnose and initiate treatment, but it’s nurses who sit with patients while they receive it. Simply put, nurses have an incredible window into the lives of patients and their families, and a greater understanding of what they’re experiencing on a daily basis. 

Physicians like me lean on nurses to ensure we’re doing what’s best for the people we serve. Across the industry, nurses are making a difference in the lives of their patients, their coworkers, their families, and their communities every day. They’ve always done that in various settings, but more and more their impact is being felt in the homes of the patient’s they serve. 

Signify Health nurses visit and spend valuable time with members in their homes across the nation every day. Over the course of an In-home Health Evaluation (IHE), nurses will conduct medication reviews, identify social determinants of health, perform diagnostic screenings, and work closely with health plans and primary care teams to ensure members get the very best out of their care experience. 

They are, without a doubt, a critical component in our mission to create a more connected, effective care experience for all. They are making a difference, and they’re doing it with heart. 

Making a difference…with heart

Many Signify Health nurses find that the quality time they spend with members in the comfort of their home is a welcome alternative or addition to working in a clinic environment. The pandemic put an enormous strain on our nation’s nurses by thrusting them into life-threatening situations with an extraordinary burden of work and pressure. Nurses responded in a way that is inherent to their profession and their call to duty: they dug deep and led our nation through an unpredictable time with courage and resilience. 

The chaos of the pandemic, however, has fueled burnout among nurses and deprived so many of the opportunity to take time to build trusted connections with the people they serve. The work nurses do is incredibly personal, intimate, and human. It’s no surprise that Signify nurses have found that working in the living rooms, kitchens, and patios of members, where they are able to spend uninterrupted time with people one-on-one, has allowed them the space and freedom to put heart and passion back into their work. 

Members feel the same way. They share many stories of how Signify nurses have comforted them with their expertise and their knowledge. We’ve heard from members whose nurses have gone above and beyond to connect them to the resources they need to enjoy a higher quality of life. Their dedication to making a difference in the lives of the members they work with is evident. 

Signify Health is proud of the thousands of nurses who are part of our provider network of clinicians who collectively will visit more than two million homes this year. With their focus on building trusted relationships with members, nurses are making a very real impact on the communities we serve. As we celebrate nurses this month, we encourage our colleagues and peers to take time to recognize the nurses who have made a difference in their lives. 

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