Marc Rothman, MD

Marc Rothman, MD

Marc Rothman, MD, is Chief Medical Officer at Signify Health.

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Making a difference: celebrating the work of nurses in homes and communities

By Marc Rothman, MD on 5/11/23 11:58 AM

When I was welcomed into the medical community at the White Coat Ceremony on my first day of orientation at the New York University School of Medicine, a single piece of advice stood out and I remember it to this day: always listen to the nurses! It was some of the most sound professional guidance I’ve ever received, and I’ve followed it my entire career.

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Examining one year of transitional care management

By Marc Rothman, MD on 8/30/22 9:35 AM

When it comes to hospital discharges, going home ought to mean staying home. As a geriatrician, I’ve learned that the largest gaps in care often occur in those first few days and weeks after being discharged from a hospital or rehabilitation facility. Too often, providers lose track of patients once they are discharged from a hospital, only to see them back there within a month or two.  

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In-Home Health Evaluations - unlocking the needs of older Americans

By Marc Rothman, MD on 5/25/22 8:57 AM

When President John F. Kennedy established Older Americans Month in 1963 there were just 17 million Americans over the age of 65. Today, that number is 54 million, and growing rapidly. Then as now, the needs of older Americans are too often not fully appreciated or acted upon.

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Equitable, accessible care: extending the reach of primary docs into homes and communities

By Marc Rothman, MD on 4/11/22 3:44 PM

To fulfill its vision to achieve the highest level of health and well-being and to eliminate disparities in health care quality and access for all they serve, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) supports a range of initiatives designed to provide equitable, cost-effective, and person-centered care. This vision is ambitious, but achievable if all within the extended care team – and the organizations that support them – collectively embrace initiatives that meet the medical and nonmedical needs of beneficiaries in cost-effective ways. 

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Addressing social determinants begins with data

By Marc Rothman, MD on 1/18/22 9:42 AM

New CMS rule supports standardization of data to better understand drivers of health

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