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A culture rooted in
connecting and giving back

At Signify Health, our commitment to building a healthier place for us all to live and age in starts with transforming how care is paid for and delivered so people can enjoy more healthy, happy days at home. But, this commitment extends beyond healthcare and reaches into the communities and environment where we work and live.

Our corporate social responsibility and philanthropic efforts align with our mission and values to combine our knowledge and experiences in support of initiatives in three key areas: Community wellness and social determinants of health; Corporate culture and philanthropy; and Sustainability.

Community wellness
and social determinants of health

We are acutely aware of community wellness and the significant role that social determinants of health play in a person’s health and well-being. The needs are many, so we are focusing our resources on those areas that have the greatest need and where we can have the most impact.

Mental health and social isolation

The COVID-19 pandemic elevated our country’s awareness of the need for mental health and social isolation support and intervention. Our team members carefully screen members for signs of mental health disease and the need for increased social connection, but much more is needed. We are partnering with local organizations to identify opportunities to help connect at-risk individuals with local services to provide help and resources. Additionally, we are exploring opportunities to partner with local organizations to support programs that will keep mental health and social isolation top-of-mind.

Homelessness and food insecurity

No one should be homeless. And, yet with the current pandemic-related economic situation, we are facing a looming eviction crisis. Evictions are not only the result of – but also a cause of – deeper poverty leading to increasing homelessness, particularly among families with children. With the homeless and its related food insecurity crisis, this year we are committed to connecting with our local homeless shelters, food banks and community care centers to help them respond to the increasing local needs.

In July 2020, we launched a corporate partnership with Habitat for Humanity where we are sponsoring their “A Brush with Kindness” program that helps senior citizens safely age-in-place. Partnerships with local organizations, like Habitat for Humanity, support our hometown communities and help us deliver on our promise of more healthy, happy days at home.

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Corporate culture and philanthropy

None of this work is possible without our team members. Throughout the year, they demonstrate their commitment to building healthier communities by volunteering their time and giving generously to charitable causes. 

Employee volunteerism and giving

In 2021, Signify Health is initiating a program to expand Signify Cares, our social volunteer program, to encourage team members to dedicate time in support of organizations working to eliminate the many social and economic challenges that prevent people from living healthy lives. We have identified a number of opportunities through DoSomething.org to help employees give back by volunteering with social change and civic action campaigns. 

Diversity and inclusion

Last year we launched an Employee Resource Groups (ERG) program to nurture diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Having started with two ERGs — one for women and the other for black team members — this year we will expand that program and have created employee programs focusing on inclusion and unconscious-bias training. To support this effort, we have partnered with Catalyst, the global nonprofit that drives change with pioneering research and practical tools to accelerate and advance women in leadership, so our employees have access to its educational and training materials. In addition, we announced a partnership with North Texas Leaders & Executives Advocating Diversity (LEAD) to help us increase diversity within our leadership teams.



The environment plays an important role in the health and well-being of every individual and community. At Signify Health, we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint through sustainable business operations and engaging our employees in our effort to preserve the environment and conserve energy and our natural resources.

We recently redesigned our office in Dallas and have built a new facility in Rapid City, South Dakota. Each of these locations is designed with the latest in lighting, energy and water conservation technology, and features environmentally responsible sealed concrete floors and low volatile organic compounds (VOC) materials. We are also exploring an activity-based office working model that will maximize how we use office space and virtual working opportunities. Additionally, this year we are implementing a corporate-wide traditional and e-waste recycling program.