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2022 Quality & Sustainability Report

The second annual Quality & Sustainability Report summarizes our performance on Key quality metrics, contributions to promote health equity, and the organization's environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) priorities. These topic areas were selected based on an internal assessment of relevant ESG topics, ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders and subject matter experts, and by referencing the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) sector guidance for healthcare delivery and software & information technology (IT) services.

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Culture & Employees

Our diverse, passionate, and resilient workforce is our greatest strength. We believe in nurturing a safe, diverse, and inclusive workplace where all Signify employees feel valued, supported in their development, and empowered to do their best work in service of our clients and partners.

2022 was a year of change for Signify. Our values helped us navigate the challenges and emerge stronger, with our employees even more engaged and optimistic about our growth potential and future opportunities.
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Quality & Safety

Through our nationwide provider network, In-Home Health Evaluations, diagnostic and preventive services, and ACO enablement teams, Signify Health helps our payor and provider clients improve the quality of care and the health and well-being of members and patients.

By extending healthcare’s reach into the home safely and effectively—a critical need illustrated by the coronavirus
pandemic—Signify supports providers who are committed to whole-person care that improves quality, reduces inappropriate services such as high cost services or unnecessary services
, and lowers overall costs.

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Health Equity

Being in the home allows Signify Health clinicians an unparalleled line of sight into a person’s clinical, social, functional, behavioral, and environmental well-being. We can review medication adherence, check for any physical safety concerns or food scarcity, and screen for social isolation. In 2022, over 600,000 of the individuals Signify Health clinicians visited were affected by issues such as transportation, financial, and other constraints that limited their access to necessary health services. By connecting highly skilled clinicians with people where they live, we are able to help overcome these barriers and support the healthcare system in delivering equitable, whole-person care.

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The health of our planet impacts human health. Instances of extreme weather such as floods, droughts, rising temperatures, and other severe weather events are increasingly putting the health and lives of those in our communities at risk, especially affecting underserved and rural populations. The effects of climate change can have an impact on the operations of Signify Health, its partners, and communities. Signify Health is taking action in order to conduct our business in an efficient and sustainable manner to help reduce the environmental stresses on the planet, therefore making people healthier. 

Signify Health’s cross-functional ESG steering committee identified significant and reportable areas that comprise the Company’s emissions output. These areas—clinician travel plus buildings and office usage—make up the most significant sources of Signify’s environmental footprint.

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Community Partnerships & Volunteering


Meals on Wheels

In November 2022, Signify Health began a new partnership with Meals on Wheels and we continue to partner with them on matching employee donations.

Since 1954, Meals on Wheels America has been distributing free meals to homebound seniors so they have access to nourishing meals that meet their dietary needs. Meals on Wheels America and Signify Health both strive to improve population health, and the organizations have a presence in every state in the nation.

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