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Personalized Care for Those Who Need It Most

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What We Do

Through the largest network of mobile clinicians and the most sophisticated technology platform, Signify Health’s continuum of care delivers care where people need it most, in the home and other settings.

Our Portfolio of Care Solutions

Our solutions enhance quality and financial outcomes through personalized care from health risk evaluations to biopharma. We bring a personal level of attention to our work with health plans, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and providers.

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Patients and Health Plan Members

Your health matters to us. Our face-to-face interactions help identify and manage the factors and conditions impacting you. Our services help your physician provide you the best care for your health and well-being.

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Since 2009, the clinicians in our network have completed more than 4 million health evaluations.

How We're Different

We focus on people and results in a unique way.

We are committed to data accuracy and personalized service, which defines our entire continuum of care. We’ve built 50 state-based networks of more than 7,500 clinicians who reach every county in the United States.

Our clinically-driven technology is designed to ensure accuracy and compliance while also allowing for face-to-face interaction between the clinician and the member. A robust logistics system pairs the proper clinician to the right member at the time of the member’s choosing.

Signify Health Offers:

  • A network that reaches every county in the United States
  • Flexible services that meet the needs of members at a location that’s convenient
  • A focus on reducing readmissions and increasing quality of care
  • The ability to impact 42 Star Ratings, 40 HEDIS® measures, and 19 QRS measures*
  • Technology that creates efficiency without diminishing personal interaction
*HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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