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6 key conclusions from the RISE webinar: In-Home Health Evaluations help drive better outcomes for Medicare Advantage members

By Signify Health Team on 5/13/24 12:52 PM

On Monday, December 18, Signify Health leaders Dana Lynch, Director of Network Services, Alex Blackstock, Vice President of Product Management, and Peter Yates, Vice President of Care Coordination Products from Signify Health, shared exciting findings from two recent research projects that illustrated that beyond providing members, health plans and members’ PCP a holistic view of a members health, the IHE positively impacts members’ experiences, diabetes care, and their connection to the care continuum. 

In-Home Health Evaluation (IHEs) are a comprehensive evaluation of the health status of MA members that help identify potential risks and tailor appropriate care plans. Signify Health Clinicians perform the IHE in the member’s home or virtually. 

Below are six takeaways from the webinar and some direct input from participants.

1.  A strong member experience has a robust and long-term link to value for members and their health plans. 

2.  Recognize the “moments that matter” as critical opportunities to deliver a more consistent and delightful experience for members. 

3.  Communication from the health plan is the most effective way for members to learn about the value of the IHE. 

4.  Diagnostic and preventative screenings are predictors of a successful IHE.

5.  In-home screenings create opportunities to close multiple care gaps, including diabetes, and positively impact Star measures.

6.  Members who engage in an IHE are more likely to follow up with a primary care provider.


POLL RESULTS: We asked, and participants responded.


What strategy is your organization prioritizing in 2024 to improve member experience?

40% responded that In-home health services top the list. Provider engagement programs are also important to participants.

What is your focus for diabetic members/patients for 2024?

30% said medication management, followed by personalized care plans and continuous glucose monitoring technology.

What is your biggest challenge to better MA care coordination?

33% said member engagement followed by fragmented care.

The key to better health is meeting members where they are. Signify Health helps health plans gain a comprehensive view of their members’ health that is convenient to members.  Learn more about how Signify Health addresses challenges to members' health, helps members stay engaged, and supports health plan goals of improving health outcomes. 


Click here to watch the webinar recording.