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Signify Health nurses: a healthy dose of inspiration and heart

By Signify Health News on 5/12/20 7:40 AM

Today, on International Nurses Day, we salute those who care for others so selflessly—especially during a time when doing so may put their own health at risk.

Nurses possess a set of skills that few other professions can match: a combination of grit, compassion and medical expertise; a desire to serve; a gift for tuning in to each patient’s unique needs.

Nurses get personal.

“One thing I frequently say to my members is, ‘What can I do for you? What do you need?’” said Signify Health nurse, Stacie Hertzsch, NP.

The dedicated RNs, LPNs and NPs who serve our Signify Health members coordinate clinical and social care and provide complex care management across a variety of settings, including individual homes, skilled nursing facilities, and care transitions. They embody our mission statement: to improve quality of life by providing comprehensive care where and when it’s needed most.

Stacie, who has been with Signify Health for nearly three years, has many people in her care who are in skilled nursing facilities. She responds not only to immediate care requirements; she frequently goes above and beyond to brighten the lives of those she visits. She keeps holiday decorations in her car for residents who want to add a festive touch to their doors. She brings coloring books, word search books and craft supplies to skilled nursing facilities, where they are popular items.

What matters most, though, are words of encouragement and support.

“A phrase that I use often when speaking with our members is ‘We are in this together,’” said Jasmine Hardison, RN. “I always want them to know that we are working together for their health and a great outcome. I also want my members to know that I am their biggest advocate and will fight next to them for holistic patient care.”

Sometimes, said Kathryn Rossmiller, RN, it’s not so much the words themselves, but the fact she is there to listen.

“With the current pandemic I know many of our members are feeling the effects of isolation,” she said. “I have spoken to several members residing in supportive living facilities, and they are just grateful to have a friendly voice calling them to check on them during this difficult time.”

To all of our hard-working nurses, and to nurses everywhere, we say: Thank you.