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Signify Health addresses social determinants of health

By Signify Health Team on 3/15/19 11:28 AM

The first service platform to formally integrate social and clinical care plans

Signify Health has acquired TAVHealth to create better health for vulnerable populations. Read the full press release here

Whether your member requires a comprehensive health risk assessment or longitudinal care management, Signify Health builds and manages high-performing networks that complement the work of your plan’s primary care physicians. Our technology provides your plan with one documentation system across sites of care, from the home to the PCP office. And now, we’re bringing the power of social and community engagement to the table—ensuring your members get much-needed support for social determinants of health—so they can lead happier, healthier lives. 

Signify Health partners with companies to provide these tech-enabled clinical care services to people across the country. We bring a personal level of attention to help improve the quality of life and reduce medical costs. Through our 50 state-based networks of more than 4,000 active clinicians, we can reach health plan members in every county in the United States. Our services facilitate top goals for organizations such as comprehensive and compliant data collection, identification and solving for social determinants of health, and improved quality of care for your most vulnerable members.



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