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5 ways rural providers succeed with value-based care

By Signify Health Team on 9/12/23 11:10 AM

The transition is happening. Across the nation, rural providers are successfully implementing value-based care models to improve patient care outcomes. By participating in Signify Health Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), providers who care for the underserved generate new revenue, earn shared savings, and expand on the primary care services they offer their communities. Below are five ways they are making it happen.

1. Earning shared savings and expanding services with newly generated revenue.

ACOs require a minimum number of attributed lives in order to succeed. Signify Health provides the scale providers need to make a smooth and successful transition to value-based care methodologies.

2. Taking advantage of new workflows and resources that extend the care continuum.

With a collaborative approach, rural-based providers can stay small while benefiting from the size of much larger organizations and take advantage of stable, predictable results and shared resources.

3. Using Signify’s award-winning technology to improve population health management and patient care outcomes.

Rural providers can effectively preserve their autonomy and address staffing shortages by leveraging Signify Health's time-tested resources and tools, including the award-winning Provider Enablement Platform, Coach.

4. Implementing accurate and complete documentation to predict patient risk.

By incorporating new workflows and population health methodologies, rural healthcare teams are better equipped to diagnose and provide optimal care for their high-risk patients.

5. Optimizing the 340B Drug Discount Program and expanding network development.

Engaging in accountable care opens new avenues for rural providers to accelerate their clinical integration and enhance patient-focused programs, such as the 340B Drug Discount Program.

For additional information about how Signify Health supports providers who care for the underserved, download the Accountable Care Guide