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6 key conclusions from the RISE webinar: In-Home Health Evaluations help drive better outcomes for Medicare Advantage members

By Signify Health Team on 5/13/24 12:52 PM

On Monday, December 18, Signify Health leaders Dana Lynch, Director of Network Services, Alex Blackstock, Vice President of Product Management, and Peter Yates, Vice President of Care Coordination Products from Signify Health, shared exciting findings from two recent research projects that illustrated that beyond providing members, health plans and members’ PCP a holistic view of a members health, the IHE positively impacts members’ experiences, diabetes care, and their connection to the care continuum. 

In-Home Health Evaluation (IHEs) are a comprehensive evaluation of the health status of MA members that help identify potential risks and tailor appropriate care plans. Signify Health Clinicians perform the IHE in the member’s home or virtually. 

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A second act leads to health care

By Signify Health Team on 1/16/24 11:19 AM

Career dreams don’t always work out the we imagine. Luckily for our health plan members, Susan McGinnis’ second act brought her to nursing and to Signify Health.

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Signify Health’s In-Home Health Evaluation: Kurt’s story

By Signify Health Team on 9/27/23 12:03 PM

Every day, Signify Health physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants engage with thousands of health plan members – wherever they call home – to get a true understanding of members’ health status – and for members to get connected to the right care for their unique needs. Here is Kurt's experience with his recent In-Home Health Evaluation (IHE).

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Why is Signify Health calling me? The value of In-Home Health Evaluations

By Team Signify on 8/9/22 12:45 PM

Taking a small step toward better health can be as simple as answering the phone. As part of our in-Home health evaluation program, Signify Health partners with leading health plans to offer their plan members a no-cost visit by a licensed Signify Health clinician.

For example, a Medicare Advantage plan will identify members who might benefit most from an in-home visit. Once they are identified, Signify Health team members contact them to schedule an appointment.

These no-cost annual check-ins function as a supplement to a person’s annual primary care check-up and happen in the comfort of their home. According to a recent Signify Health survey, these in-home visits are well-received by the people we serve, with results showing:

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Signify Health reviews: stories of impact

By Team Signify on 8/4/22 11:30 AM

Signify Health clinicians meet people where they want to be: at home. As part of our In-Home Health Evaluation program, health plan members are eligible to receive a no-cost, in-home visit from a licensed, highly trained clinician. During these visits, a physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant examines the member’s whole health, including mental well-being, and identifies potential barriers to care. We partner with many leading Medicare Advantage plans, as well as provide services to certain Medicaid and commercial plan members.

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