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At Signify Health, we're committed to helping you maintain your health and well-being. We do this by partnering with your health plan and our network of healthcare providers to help deliver necessary resources — all in the comfort of your own home.

To learn more about our programs, contact us at (855) 984-5121 or call your health plan to see if you qualify.

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Learn what to expect during an in-home evaluation.

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Keeping you healthy at home: what to expect during your visit

In partnership with your health plan, we work with our national network of licensed clinicians to provide you with an In-Home Health Evaluation visit. This important service can help you manage your health and wellness at home — at no extra cost.

During the visit, one of our highly trained clinicians will check your vitals, review your medications, check for safety risks, discuss your medical history and answer any health questions you may have.

Keeping you healthy at home

You may have been contacted by your health plan about scheduling a home health visit. During these visits, an experienced doctor or nurse travels to your home on the day and time you schedule at your convenience. They sit with you face-to-face to discuss the care and support you need to maintain good health and well-being. Based on your preferences, we can also schedule telehealth appointments rather than meet in your home.



Getting you home safely

Being discharged from the hospital and understanding care instructions can be overwhelming. Often, there are doctors you need to visit, medications to take, and follow-up visits to schedule. Signify Health helps ease this burden by fostering coordination among healthcare providers so you can transition quickly and safely back to your home — and get helpful support once you’re there to aid in your recovery.

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Supporting your social needs

To maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s critical that you have access to healthy food, transportation to run errands and visit your doctor, and safe and affordable housing. Signify Health works with your health plan and organizations and social workers across the country to connect you with local services and programs in your community that can help.



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My Signify Health In-home Health Evaluation: Delores’s Story

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Signify Health calling me?

Signify Health works with leading health plans, offering no-cost, In-home Health Evaluations to plan members. Once a health plan identifies people who might benefit from an In-home Health Evaluation, a member of the Signify Health team contacts the member to schedule an in-home visit. These visits are then confirmed and performed by a Signify Health-contracted clinician, like a doctor or nurse practitioner.

Does Signify Health work with my insurance plan?

Signify Health is a trusted partner of many leading health plans. In fact, we partner with at least 24 out of the top 50 Medicare Advantage plans, as well as providing services to certain Medicaid and commercial plan members. To learn more about our programs, you are welcome to call us at (855) 984-5121. You may also want to contact your health plan to see if you qualify.

What is an In-home Health Evaluation?

In-home Health Evaluations are a service offered by health plans at no cost to you, the plan member. This visit is performed by a licensed clinician inside your home and lasts about 45-60 minutes. During the visit, the clinician will focus on your overall health, well-being, and identify any potential issues or barriers to care. It is intended to be a supplemental visit and does not replace your annual wellness check-up with your primary care doctor.

What can I expect during my In-home Health Evaluation?

An In-home Health Evaluation with Signify Health is conducted by a licensed clinician. It includes a comprehensive health exam, a medication review, as well as an assessment of your current and prior health conditions. During the visit, the clinician will also discuss any concerns you may have about your health, as well as discuss your mental well-being. The clinician will also work with you to look for any safety hazards in your home, like something that could cause a fall. Additional screenings, exams, or tests may include colorectal cancer screening, diabetic retinal exam, bone density screening, and a HbA1c test, which is used to diagnose or manage diabetes.

How can I schedule an In-home Health Evaluation?

To explore all the scheduling opportunities in your area, visit our Scheduling Portal or call us at (855) 984-5121, Monday - Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT, Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CT.

How can I contact Signify Health?

If you’re interested in contacting Signify Health, we recommend starting on the Contact Us page of our website. Health plan members looking to schedule (or reschedule) an appointment are welcome to call us at (855) 984-5121 between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CT. There is also a feedback form on our Contact Us page, where we welcome you to leave comments about your experience with our in-home health evaluations.

Who is Signify Health?

Signify Health is a leading healthcare platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs. Our mission is to build trusted relationships to make people healthier. Our solutions support value-based payment programs by aligning financial incentives around outcomes, providing tools to health plans and healthcare organizations designed to assess and manage risk and identify actionable opportunities for improved patient outcomes, coordination, and cost-savings. Through our platform, we coordinate what we believe is a holistic suite of clinical, social, and behavioral services to address an individual’s healthcare needs and prevent adverse events that drive excess cost, all while shifting services towards the home. CVS Health completed its acquisition of Signify Health in March 2023.

How can I find the results of my In-home Health Evaluation?

You are welcome to contact Signify Health's Member Services team with questions about your recent visit by calling 855-319-4448. However, following your visit, you should receive a one-page summary and action plan from your Signify Health clinician. A full report on your visit is also shared with your primary care provider – if you have one.

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My in-home visit: Kurt's story

In-home Health Evaluations are among the ways Signify Health helps people on the journey toward better health. Watch Kurt's story to learn more.


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