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Using technology as a platform for better patient care

By Signify Health Team on Sep 14, 2023 9:37:33 AM

In the value-based care environment, providers are presented with a paradigm shift to emphasize quality over quantity and focus on patient care outcomes rather than the number of services delivered. Although patients and providers will benefit from a more holistic approach with value-based care, the implementation and operational complexities of transitioning from fee-for-service models of care can be considerable. To successfully navigate the transition, providers need tailored tools that address their specific needs, which can vary depending on their location and patient demographic. However, there is more to making a successful transition than having tools. Being able to effectively integrate new team-based workflows and ensuring staff are adequately trained is essential.

With these challenges in mind, Signify Health developed Coach, a provider enablement platform that healthcare teams can use regardless of a patient's insurer or health plan. This award-winning, payer-agnostic resource delivers a suite of targeted tools for healthcare teams to optimize care coordination, patient management and engagement, population health analytics, cost and utilization tracking, education, and more. Coach is designed to support each patient's administrative, clinical, and service programs. Our goal is to combine technology and services so healthcare teams can better identify high-risk patients and facilitate the next best action to improve care outcomes while managing costs and minimizing time constraints and administrative burdens.

Focusing on the value in value-based care

Combining technology advancements with providers who are more adept at implementing value-based care methodologies offers Signify Health the opportunity to become better equipped to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care. With this understanding, we will continue to emphasize and develop tools to benefit continued opportunities that position providers for sustainable value-based care success. This initiative begins with advancing our technology toward the electronic health record (EHR) that will help providers access more of the tools they need at the point of care. These developments include streamlining internal processes and reducing the technological steps providers must take to accomplish everyday administrative tasks.  This will consolidate core functions that help with other requirements, including regulatory compliance and quality reporting. Our goal is simple: aggregate data and deliver additional insights to clinicians beyond what is available in the EHR to help close gaps in care.

Providers of all sizes, specialties, and levels of value-based care proficiencies will be able to readily use these tools, both in traditional clinical settings and during transitions of care, to improve patient care outcomes.  Signify Health primary care clinicians and support teams can connect with patients to ensure a smooth and successful transition back home. They also facilitate a connection with the patient’s primary care provider (PCP) for continued transitional care. 

Using Coach, providers can view quality measure performance over time and compare it to accountable care organization (ACO) averages. This data can be used to identify areas of opportunity, including additional care that patients might be receiving elsewhere, such as Emergency Department services or specialist care. Often, these services are not shared with the patient’s PCP and, therefore, are unavailable in the EHR. 

Financial opportunities lead to improved outcomes

Like every healthcare segment, the financial outlook is integral to value-based care and can burden providers who must continually monitor and report progress. To facilitate the fiscal reporting aspects of value-based arrangements, Coach empowers providers to gauge their performance in value-based care payment models and actively monitors how they compare to their peers. 

The revenue streams in value-based contracts can be as varied as the providers themselves. Using Coach, healthcare organizations can monitor revenue from participation in value-based care. An MSSP value calculator, for example, summarizes the downstream revenue generated from supplemental services such as diagnostic imaging, firm mammography, colorectal cancer screening, laboratory services, and pharmacy benefits. With a clear vision of future downstream revenue and the potential shared savings from value-based care arrangements, unexpected outcomes can be minimized. 

Transforming value-based care with the connectivity of technology

Signify Health is fully invested in providers’ success, technologically and financially. We offer a performance-based model, where our compensation is based on providers achieving their goals. We are expanding our technological components and service offerings within the Medicare Advantage (MA) and commercial markets. Our efforts will ensure that we continue to support our providers, positioning them to deliver exceptional patient care and achieve sustainable success with value-based care.

To learn more about the impact of technology on value-based care, watch our recent on-demand webinar here