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Signify Health introduces Compare, a new feature in the Coach Platform

By Signify Health Team on Nov 29, 2023 7:58:31 AM

For today’s healthcare providers and organizations, technology is at the heart of how healthcare is delivered. To improve patient care outcomes, enhance the patient experience, and better contain healthcare costs, Signify Health introduced Coach, a provider enablement platform, in 2021. The payer-agnostic technology provides an accessible and robust repository of tools that healthcare teams, including administrators and thought leaders, can use to improve the quality and efficiency of their work.

Recently, we talked with Kerry Quinn, Manager of Product Management at Signify Health, to learn more.

Coach is recognized as an award-winning technology. Tell us a little bit about that and what makes Coach so helpful.

When Coach was introduced, it was quickly recognized for its innovation and potential to positively impact how effective and efficient healthcare providers can be. The Golden Bridges Awards program honors the world’s best in every major industry in the world - including healthcare. The Coach tool and technology won a Silver Globee Award for Best Healthcare Technology Solution in 2021.

Coach has helped our clients succeed in accountable, value-based care by helping improve patient care outcomes and the organization’s financial sustainability. The tool combines claims, clinical EHR feed, and self-reported data into one platform, giving users the insight they need to make more informed decisions about their value-based care strategy & population health programs. 

Who uses Coach?

We have designed tools and workflows for every member of the healthcare team, ranging from the front-office scheduler to the CEO. Coach provides ACO Leadership Teams with the data to identify system-wide cost savings initiatives and offers actionable and prioritized worklists for clinical staff. It places key data at their fingertips to help care teams identify patients for intervention.

Given that Coach has become an integral part of daily workflows, how does your team determine how or when to implement new features for your users?

User feedback and organizational initiatives inform new builds and features in Coach. We use feedback, focus groups, and agile product development to create the features our clients need to identify opportunities and make improvements within their care settings, eventually helping lead them to improve their patient care outcomes and achieve shared savings.

In one example, we heard from our users that they needed a way to track all the work they’re doing in each clinic as they work toward their goals without waiting for the claims data to catch up. The new feature we call Compare addresses that and other feedback.

Tell us more about Compare.

Compare is a tool we've developed that gives users insight into their performance at any level of the organization using a combination of claims, EHR, and self-reported data. Users can then compare their performance to their peers and their performance in the previous year. This helps to improve the quality of care they deliver. Compare peels back a layer of the onion, offering ACO leadership insight into each practice and how they use Coach to identify patients and track them through the wellness visit process. It also provides a patient-level view to help reconcile workflow issues such as potential duplicate billing and patient no-shows. 

Is this a game-changer for those who use Coach?

Yes. Before the release of Compare, users had a lag time to receive claims to identify barriers to performance improvements. Now, users who are utilizing our new annual wellness visit workflow will be able to identify those barriers more efficiently in real-time without waiting on CMS claims data.

What does that look like for someone who uses Coach?

For example, users can view patients who have been identified as having an Annual Wellness Visit either based on their EHR feed or self-reported data but have not had a claim come through yet. So now, they can reconcile this by using the Missing Claims data point in the tool, which improves efficiencies substantially.

This means they can now measure their performance compared with their peers by month. This is a game-changer for our partners because tracking performance at this level and in this level of detail can inform improvement, along with the ability to see practices and providers who might be struggling and need more resources. It opens the door to more opportunities.

Let’s talk more about the opportunities. Have you been successful in identifying new opportunities or gaps in care?

Looking at the data we provide in Compare, we’ve identified the opportunity for our ACO partners to realize a significant amount of shared savings by converting just half of those missing claims.

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