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Biopharma patient
support services

Reduce barriers to therapy initiation
and adherence for complex drug therapies

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Support patients
wherever they call home

Support patients and their caregivers with home-based services that initiate therapy faster, improve adherence and persistence, and foster a more satisfying experience. Our nationwide network of nearly 9,000 credentialed clinicians makes it easier for patients to receive treatments, so they can enjoy more healthy, happy days at home.

Improve patient outcomes
for approved drugs or those in clinical development

Whether a drug is in late-stage clinical development or already FDA-approved, Signify Health brings coordinated, community-based clinical services and support into the patient journey, helping to drive better outcomes.

Review active medications
Real time feedback
Capture clinical measurements
Review and evaluation
Perform diagnostic screenings
Risk Mitigation
Identify patient
Document drug administration
Real time patient Identification
Monitor for adverse events

Implement high-touch patient support programs

Therapies with complex treatment regimens or initiation requirements create challenges for prescribers and patients alike. Our holistic, in-home approach, powered by our advanced technology platform, addresses both clinical and social needs to become a critical element of your patient support program.


Clinical support

  • Complex drug administration, whether infusion, injection, or oral

  • Diagnostic screenings and lab services

  • First-dose administration and monitoring


Social and environmental support

  • Social determinants of health (SDOH) assessment and social care coordination

  • Personalized guides to access local, relevant resources

  • Identification of patients at-risk of dropping therapy


Keep patients on therapy

Reduce patient travel and coordination barriers to receiving treatment or participating in a clinical trial with our clinical and caregiver support solutions, which can also improve patient access to REMS-mediated and other complex therapies.


Keep patients on therapy and improve outcomes


Achieve recruitment and retention goals for virtual and in-person trials

Hubs & specialty pharmacies

Differentiate patient support programs and personalize interventions

Accelerate clinical development

Increase study power — especially challenging for complex therapies with smaller patient populations — by making it easier for patients to access and continue treatment. Our mobile clinical network travels to wherever patients need them to assess health status, perform diagnostic tests, and oversee first-dose administration.

Support caregivers to drive adherence and persistence

Caregivers play a critical role in patient health, so equipping them with the right knowledge and tools is essential to patients' physical and emotional well-being. Help caregivers improve adherence and ensure patients remain on therapy with community resources that leverage SDOH inputs to bring the right support at the right time.


Improve accuracy and efficiency

Improve clinical consistency and accurate data capture via our integrated technology platform, which draws on our experience conducting more than one million in-home health evaluations in 2019 via our nationwide network of contracted clinicians (not agency-based).

Innovative logistics

Proprietary clinician and supply logistics software enables the right support to patients anywhere in  the U.S.

Advanced technology

Intelligent evaluation and documentation platform captures a holistic picture of each patient’s health and transmits it to healthcare providers.

Service enhancements

Multi-visit coordination, patient contraindication risk reviews, and additional device integrations can be included to support specific needs.

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Expanding in-home research and care options

The Children’s Oncology Group, the world's largest organization devoted exclusively to childhood and adolescent cancer research, and Signify Health are partnering to facilitate clinical trial participation for pediatric patients through in-home clinical services. See what our collaboration means for AALL1731 B-ALL studies in this Outsourcing Pharma interview.

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Advancing equity in clinical trials

Signify led a panel discussion at South by Southwest (SXSW) 2021 on clinical trial diversity alongside Pfizer’s Head of Clinical Trial Diversity Sandra Amaro and Parexel Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer Peyton Howell. See how these leading changemakers are advancing racial equity in clinical trials — starting with lessons learned from COVID-19.

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