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PHN 201 & AWV Bootcamp

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  We are thrilled to announce two optional workshops that are available at the 2024 Educational Summits for legacy Signify clients:

Population Health Nursing (PHN) 201

Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) Bootcamp 

Make sure to register for these optional workshops when registering for our 2024 Educational Summits below. 

  Phoenix, AZ | March 6

1:30pm- 5:00pm MT 

Register here (AZ)

   Nashville, TN | April 3

11:00am- 3:00pm CT

Register here (TN)

Travel Notice:

These workshops take place outside of the listed Educational Summit programming. You will need to arrange travel accordingly. If you can no longer attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can move other interested clients off the waitlist. Seats are limited, and we expect them to fill up quickly.


The optional workshops will take place at the same venue as each 2024 Educational Summit. The trainings will begin with registration 30 minutes prior to the session start time and will include two ten-minute breaks. 

Continuing Education

We are applying for 3.5 Hours of Continuing Nursing Education through the Montana Nurses Association for each optional workshop. 

PHN 201 Advanced Health Coaching

PHN 201 Advanced Health Coaching is designed to help population health RNs, LPNs, MAs, and Social Workers assume the care of populations by taking on the role of health coach. This interactive training emphasizes experiential learning, group activities, demonstrations, collaboration, and inspiration. Learners will have time to ask questions and engage in productive dialogue. Expect to leave feeling confident in your ability to apply motivational interviewing and health coaching techniques in everyday practice. Participants will also share their experiences throughout the training, participating in activities and discussions that harness a sense of togetherness and best-practice sharing. Seats are limited.



PHN web


Prerequisites for Attendance

You must complete the Signify Health On-Demand: Population Health Nurse 101 course by January 31, 2024, to be eligible to attend PHN 201 Advanced Health Coaching. If you have not completed the course, register for it here

The PHN 201 training is offered exclusively to Summit attendees. You must register for the in-person 2024 Educational Summit of your choice in order to register for and attend the PHN 201 training. Register for the Summit that works best for you at the top of this page and select the PHN 201 training session when you register.

Learning Objectives

During the training, learners will:

  • Review tools and techniques for successful health coaching
  • Explore the impact of Health Literacy and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) on patient motivations and outcomes
  • Apply methods of navigating challenging patient interactions
  • Demonstrate techniques to engage patients with health coaching

AWV Bootcamp

March 15 - 16 2023 263



AWV Bootcamp is a high-intensity training program designed to help participants learn how to provide impactful AWVs. Expect to alternate between audio, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles as you review the requirements, discover how to conquer challenging conversations, and familiarize yourself with the tools necessary to execute high quality AWVs. Seats are limited.

Prerequisites for Attendance

The AWV Bootcamp training is offered exclusively to Summit attendees. You must register for the in-person 2024 Educational Summit of your choice in order to register for and attend the AWV Bootcamp training. Register for the Summit at the links at the top of this page and select the AWV Bootcamp training session when you register. 


Learning Objectives
  • Review components of an AWV
  • Navigate common AWV barriers 
  • Demonstrate effective strategies for providing AWVs
  • Practice utilizing tools and skills necessary for providing effective AWVs

Learning Environment

Our educational events are an open forum for individuals to learn and network with their peers. Event participants consistently report that the greatest benefit comes from hearing what others are doing and sharing their own experiences. Signify Health reserves the right to ask individuals who disrupt this learning environment to leave the training.


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