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Turn your town into a team

Collaborate with your community


No one person, program, or organization can address clients’ complex social needs alone—it takes a team. Signify Health enables you to safely connect and collaborate with social service organizations within your community—as well as the broader health ecosystem. By helping you navigate the complex legal and privacy regulations, you can build a more connected community that improves the lives and well-being of the families you serve. 

Communities in action
Mosaic Life Care

See how Mosaic Life Care, a healthcare system in St. Joseph, Missouri, brought together healthcare providers and social service agencies onto Signify's collaborative platform to address social determinants of health and improve community health outcomes.

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Who we serve

We work with all types of social service providers—from small community organizations to large grant-making foundations.


Improving outcomes by connecting
health and human services

Only Signify Health has the expert team to build your aligned network of community partners, and the privacy-enabled technology to safely collaborate.

Bringing Your community together

Signify Health has nearly 10 years of experience helping communities build collaborative alliances. We recognize that all social service agencies have different needs, backgrounds, and missions, and that building powerful partnerships requires an alignment of goals and values. Our dedicated team of local, on-the-ground resources help recruit, train, onboard, and support each organization in connecting with the broader community.

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Easily collaborate

Deliver, receive, and track eligible program referrals, and co-manage personal care plans.

Digitize your workflow

Document client intake, assessments, program enrollment, and services.

Make privacy a priority

Easily gather client authorizations to compliantly share information.

Longitudinal Record@3x
Access a client’s full history

Track all relevant client information on a live timeline for more informed care.

Resource Directory@3x
Resource directory

Tap into a curated list of verified and local community programs.

Measure outcomes

Measure health and social outcomes with analytics and reporting features.

Collaboration without the privacy roadblocks

Building strong community partnerships requires more than sending a simple referral. Many organizations seek deeper levels of engagement and collaboration, which can be difficult due to complex privacy and legal regulations. Signify Community has been designed with the industry’s most advanced privacy framework, prioritizing confidentiality and compliance so you can easily collaborate with health and community partners.

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turn your town into a team?

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