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Kristine Miller

Legal Operations Specialist, Caravan Health

Kristine Miller began her career with Caravan Health in February of 2016. She joined Caravan as the Application Specialist managing the MSSP application process, overseeing the governance of client ACOs, and maintaining the ACO records for CMS.

Mrs. Miller transitioned to the position of ACO Manager in September of 2017. That role saw her serve as the primary contact for all MSSP activities, the SME for ACO application, participation, requirements, and expectations, and as a close collaborator with the Caravan Legal Department on contract operations. In January 2019, Kristine moved into her current role as the Legal Operations Specialist for the Caravan Legal. As the Legal Operations Specialist, she oversees the MSSP application cycle, provides data analytics for process improvement, and serves as the contract and records manager for all client-facing interactions.

Kristine is married, a mother of three -a boy and two girls-, and currently lives in Northwest Florida. She is a Navy brat and grew up on various military installations across the United States and spent several years living in Europe. Kristine earned her BS in Communications from the University of West Florida and her MA in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma while living in Italy. Before joining Caravan Health, Kristine began her career in the healthcare industry at Studer Group, where she was a Project Specialist and a Department Coordinator.