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Kristin Kohl, RN, MSN

Director of ACO Clinical Improvement, Carle Health

Kristin Kohl, RN, MSN is the Director of ACO Clinical Improvement, Outpatient Social Work, Outpatient Care Coordination and Advanced Care Planning at Carle Health. Previously, Kristin spent multiple years in a plethora of leadership roles at Carle within the Primary Care setting, which gave her a solid foundation and prepared her to jump into ACO related work. She always had goals and ideas on how to lead and shape primary care through a focus on prevention and proactive care versus the reactive care we often see today.  Kristin has been recognized as a leader within the organization through driving changes and implementing a successful ACO program over the past 1.5 years. Kristin prides herself and her team on continued growth and develop in order to provide excellent, high quality care to the patients Carle Health serves.