Social care

Address social determinants of health
throughout the patient journey

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Coordinate social care needs
to overcome health barriers

Address social-determinants of health (SDOH) with in-home and telephonic outreach that helps to overcome barriers to health, including food insecurity, slip and fall risk, access to transportation, social isolation, and ability to afford medications.

Improve member well-being

Connect members and facilitate collaboration with social service organizations within the community, as well as the broader health ecosystem, using a collaboration technology platform that complies with State and Federal legal and privacy regulations. Our platform enables outcomes-focused networks designed to address social determinants of health, helping to close gaps in care and improving well-being through support for non-clinical needs.

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Foster collaboration between healthcare
and social service agencies

Our enhanced in-home health evaluation  solution breaks down the traditional barriers between clinical and community care, allowing healthcare and social service agencies to work collaboratively within a privacy-enabled model that connects upstream social interventions to patient outcomes and plan performance goals.

Review and evaluation Icon
& risk scores

Identify social risk with predictive SDOH analytics, in-home health evaluation data, and clinical assessments to improve outcomes.

Manage and maintain network integrity Icon
Coordinated social
care networks

Rely on our nationwide network of community- and faith-based organizations through support from our specialized team of social care coordinators.

Leverage clinician network Icon

Ensure information exchanges across community-based organizations (CBOs) and healthcare providers are secure and compliant.

Connecting Acute & Post Acute Icon

Document clinical and social information in real-time longitudinal records for a single, complete picture of each person’s health status.

Identify risks and engage more members

Engage more members — including those who have previously declined an in-home health evaluation — and proactively identify risks and interdependencies. Through our proprietary technology platform, health plans and community-based organizations can coordinate and manage members’ non-clinical needs.

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Increase conversion rates for in-home health evaluations

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Improve quality measures through targeted interventions
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Proactively identify at-risk members and reduce medical expense

Connect members to their communities

With years of experience helping communities build collaborative alliances, Signify Health has the expert team to establish your aligned network of community partners — and a privacy-enabled collaboration platform that serves as a system of record for referrals and data capture. Our dedicated team of local, on-the-ground resources help recruit, train, onboard, and support each organization so they can connect with the broader community.

Easily collaborate

Deliver, receive, and track eligible program referrals and co-manage personal care plans.

Digitize your workflow

Document client intake, assessments, program enrollment, and services.

Comply with privacy regulations

Obtain client authorizations in compliance with State and Federal requirements.

Access a member's full history

Capture all relevant member information on a live timeline for more informed care.

Provide rich resources

Tap into a curated list of verified and local community programs.

Measure outcomes

Measure health and social outcomes with analytics and reporting features.

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