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Identify risk factors and close gaps in care

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Bring healthcare homeward

Connect clinicians to Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plan members wherever they call home in order to create a complete and compliant view of their health.  We'll help you close risk and quality-based gaps in care through innovative workflows designed to evaluate health conditions, observe social and care-based needs, and deliver diagnostic and screening services with support from our nationwide network of 10,000 credentialed providers, which includes physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

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Supporting 24 of the top 50 Medicare Advantage plans

Improve clinical, social,
and behavioral outcomes

Our proprietary technology platform enables our mobile network of credentialed clinicians to create a comprehensive view of each member, documenting clinical, social, and behavioral needs that contribute to each person’s health and quality of life. Through in-home and virtual health evaluations that capture approximately 240 different data points, you’ll get vital insights into complete care planning that help improve HEDIS scores and STAR ratings.

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Ensure every member can be evaluated at home via a network that has the ability to reach every county and state across the U.S.

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Get a holistic picture of members’ health, including chronic conditions, medication adherence, social determinants, and care management needs.

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Impact HEDIS and STAR quality measures with home-based lab services, mock HOS/CAHPS surveys, and comprehensive medication reviews.

Get a better foundation for
complete care planning

Members spend up to 2.5x longer with our clinicians vs. the average PCP visit. Our clinicians assess and document current health status whether virtually or face-to-face. All information is conveyed back to the member’s health plan and primary care physician, helping to close gaps in care and keep members happy and healthy at home.


Perform diagnostic and preventive services


Identify social determinants of health (SDOH)


Observe and document home safety hazards


Return members to care under treating physicians


Proactively identify risks and interdependencies


Impact reimbursement, HEDIS, and STAR ratings

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Improve care quality and the member experience

Our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform provides support at scale, enabling logistics systems that facilitate clinicians' timely arrival — or can contact members should there be delays. During virtual evaluations, clinicians follow non-intrusive documentation protocols, so they spend less time typing and more time thoughtfully engaging members. The resulting medical record meets all documentation requirements for RADV and quality programs, helping you achieve business objectives while delivering a warm and personalized member experience.

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Drive maximum completions

Multi-channel communications, including email, SMS, digital marketing campaigns, and telephonic outreach, engage members so that they’re prepared for — and keep — the in-home health assessment appointment. Multiple entry points based on member preference and health plan requirements make scheduling easy and efficient, whether through a Signify Health engagement coordinator, health plan agent or associate, or secure self-scheduling portal. Communications continue post-visit to share results, gather feedback, or maintain contact for subsequent annual in-home or virtual health evaluations.

1.9M in-home health evaluations completed in 2021

Enable deeper, more meaningful member engagement

Effectively engage members with support from our proprietary, cloud-based technology platform, which includes an array of engagement solutions designed to drive deeper and more meaningful interactions. Through advanced targeting and analytics, we identify members and then engage them via multi-modal communications, including digital marketing campaigns and telephonic outreach from our call centers that are powered by predictive dialing capabilities.

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Assess member health
at home or online

The current pandemic has inhibited in-person home health evaluations, but members can enjoy the same level of focus and attention via virtual telehealth assessments that follow the same workflows as face-to-face visits. Workflows are optimized for telehealth interactions to enable member-clinician dialogue and observation of the home environment.

Informal Discussion

Enhanced communications

Pre-evaluation outreach prepares members and increases completion rates


Device agnostic

Members use their device of choice, whether mobile phone, tablet, or computer

Complex Care Management

Confidential and secure

HIPAA compliant video integration and end-to-end encrypted communications

Close gaps in care with diagnostic and preventive services

In addition to health risk evaluations, our mobile provider network can provide other in-home services, making it faster, safer and easier for members to identify and get important care. Services include:

  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) testing
  • Bone density testing
  • Lab collection (e.g., HbA1c, LDL, Microalbumin, FOBT)
  • Comprehensive medication reviews+ (CMR+)
  • Diabetic eye exams
  • Flu shot vouchers
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Coordinate social care needs

The home is the ideal place to observe and document social determinants of health (SDOH) that impact member outcomes, such as access to food, transportation, and financial resources needed for things like vital medications. Our team of 600+ clinical and social care coordinators, along with our network of 200 community-based organizations, connect members to relevant community programs and track all interventions longitudinally to measure the impact of SDOH resolution on health outcomes and plan performance goals.

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Built-in quality and clinical rigor

Signify Health holds NCQA’s HEDIS®️ Allowable Adjustments Certification for in-home diagnostic tests. This certification enables us to identify members with conditions that require active management and who could benefit from preventive screenings, including comprehensive diabetes care, kidney health evaluation in patients with diabetes, colorectal cancer screening, and osteoporosis management in women.

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