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Partner with us for access to provider networks, software, and services that support the organization and financing of healthcare around a patient's entire episode of care for a wide range of conditions and procedures. Our solutions enable you to manage risk and gain greater predictability, close clinical and social gaps, and drive seamless collaboration among providers who share accountability for improving outcomes and delivering true value-based care.

Driving value across the care continuum

Learn how Signify Health's Episodes of Care offer value to employers, health plans, and providers by defining, financing, delivering, and measuring care around the entire course of a person's illness or condition.

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Reduce costs while ensuring quality

Enable innovative care and financing models across a range of prospective and retrospective value-based payment programs. Whether the episode is initiated in an emergency room or specialist's office, and addressing a complex procedure or chronic illness, rely on us to reduce variations in care delivery — so patients can get home quickly, safely, and in good health.

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Commercial health plans

Gain greater predictability, streamline payments, reduce costs, and drive improved accountability for post-acute care coordination and outcomes.
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ACOs & at-risk providers

Boost volume, increase margins, and enhance financial performance through our innovative shared savings model.

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BPCI-A participants

Drive accountability and savings by partnering with the nation’s largest convener participant by number of episodes managed for BPCI-A.

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Address 50%+ of annual medical spend to enable meaningful savings and better predictability with reduced administrative burden.

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Gain from our experience managing
$10B of healthcare spend in 2021

Leverage advanced technology
purpose-built for value-based payment programs

Episode Connect™, a leading platform for managing episodes of care programs, focuses on the specific levers in each episode that have the most impact on cost and quality. Workflow tools accurately identify patients using predictive analytics, assist with the creation and implementation of care coordination plans, facilitate communication between providers across a patient’s care team, and enable providers to manage and track care across the entire episode.

man and women laughing around tableBetter coordination

Coordinate episodes among clinicians, facilities, and individuals along the care continuum using content, workflow, and engagement tools and portals.

nurse holding patient handActionable intelligence

Gain deep analytical insights — not simply information — by tracking all episode activities, accessing claims data, and mining process performance data.

older gentlemen smilingDecision support

Get patient-specific recommendations for discharge destinations and post-acute needs from Day 1 via our predictive engine's attribution and readmission risk assessments.

Shift care to the right setting and
propel recovery homeward

Prevent adverse events, eliminate excess cost, and propel patient recovery homeward by applying a model that addresses clinical, social, and behavioral needs throughout each patient episode.

Focused intervention

Focusing activities on the care levers that will have the greatest influence on outcomes and cost.

Advanced analytics

Utilizing advanced analytics and software to enable fast, accurate decision-making.

Incentivized partners

Partnering with providers nationwide who are incentivized on cost and outcomes.

Community networks

Curating a network of community-based organizations and dedicated social workers.

Comprehensive services

Supporting back-office activities through comprehensive administrative services.

Move away from fee-for-service
to value-based payment models

Achieve complete cost transparency, capture greater savings, guarantee payments, and help patients enjoy more happy, healthy days at home.

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Managing payments across a wide range of surgical and medical procedures and bundled payment types.

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Supporting nearly every care improvement effort and a variety of important processes — from administration to care coordination.

Personalized Care-1

Synthesizing information from disparate data sources to enable fast, accurate, and measurable high-quality care delivery.

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Adapting to existing systems and care delivery preferences while eliminating costly workflow redundancies.

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Aligning providers who can easily track and manage patients throughout the care continuum during the episode window.

Manage and maintain network integrity Icon

Leveraging a nationwide network of high-performance providers to ensure care quality and patient satisfaction.

Tap into the latest thinking
on value-based care


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The shift from volume to value is focused entirely on achieving better outcomes for the patient. Signify Health CEO Kyle Armbrester discusses the strategic imperatives for moving away from inefficient fee-for-service models.


The State of Connecticut is partnering with Signify Health to deliver value-based care for 220,000+ employees and their dependents with a program that includes a majority of physician groups and health systems in the state.


Frustrated by continued health plan inflation and point solutions that keep piling up and sometimes fail to live up to their promise, employers are looking for more comprehensive approaches that deliver measurable value today—and tomorrow.


Signify Health delivers prospective and retrospective payment models via recently-acquired blockchain technology to support clients wherever they are in their value-based care journey.


Cambia Health expands commercial episodes of care programs, including condition episodes and contracting with additional physician groups across Washington, Oregon, Utah and Idaho.


Signify Health projects growth with its partners in the BPCI-Advanced program.


Francois de Brantes discusses the state of BPCI-Advanced programs seven years after they were introduced.


Reflections on the State of Connecticut’s value-based care program.


Specialty physicians in Connecticut gain path to value-based care, payment boost via private health plan.


Partnership to focus on supporting employers in their efforts to drive better clinical outcomes, improve employee satisfaction, and optimize health care spending.

Executive Summary

Value-based payment's path forward with Dr. Kevin Bozic from Dell Medical School, Dr. Marion Couch from Regence BlueShield, and Valinda Rutledge from America's Physician Groups.

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