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We are closely monitoring the developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of our provider partners and the individual members we serve. Get the latest updates for Signify Health Providers and Patients and Health Plan Members

Signify Community

The first and only outcomes-proven SDOH solution that combines nationwide networks of clinical and social service providers.

Improving Outcomes Takes a Community

Social determinants of health (SDOH) are complex and interrelated. Providing a referral to a ride-sharing service may temporarily solve a transportation issue, but does not tell us what other gaps in SDOH this member is experiencing or whether that referral generated a positive outcome. We must holistically assess and support members over time and across care settings. 

Solving SDOH and improving outcomes takes more than a simple referral—it takes a community.


Health Outcomes


Reduction in readmissions for safety net population

Financial Performance


Reduction in post-acute care spend for high-utilizers

Operational Efficiency


Increase in productivity from outsourcing social care plans

Clinical + Social: A Holistic View of Health

By combining SDOH management with in-home and office-based evaluative services, Signify Health provides unprecedented insight into the lives of your members.

Only Signify Community:

  • Proactively identifies member-level social risk through a combination of predictive SDOH analytics and/or health risk evaluations (HREs), and ongoing needs assessments.
  • Offers dedicated social care coordination from our specialized outreach team that refers and enrolls members in relevant community programs.
  • Brings together curated networks of community organizations that use our privacy-enabled collaboration platform to coordinate social services on your members' behalf.
  • Connects social interventions to quality, satisfaction, and financial outcomes, the necessary ingredient for any sustainable SDOH initiative.
  • Creates longitudinal records of combined social and clinical information enabling a broader view of a member's health status.

Start Improving Outcomes Today

How Signify Community Works

Bringing Your Community Together with an Outcomes-Proven SDOH Solution

Case Study

See how CHI Memorial reduced heart failure readmissions by 22% by solving SDOH.


Community Network Formation

Signify Community builds a curated network of community organizations tailored to your members’ needs. We recruit, credential, onboard, and train each network participant, and manage the legal structures and data sharing agreements necessary for each organization to compliantly share information. Signify Community continually monitors and improves your network’s performance over time.


Collaboration Platform

Network participants use our secure collaboration software to drive program referrals and coordinate the delivery of social services. Embedded within the platform is the industry’s most advanced privacy architecture that goes far beyond HIPAA— incorporating all state and federal information sharing laws. This enables social and clinical information to be documented on a longitudinal record that stays with members over time and across care settings.


SDOH Care Coordination

Signify Community offers fully-delegated social care coordination to complement your case management team, jumpstart your SDOH program, and drive clinically-relevant outcomes. Our specialized outreach team is trained in motivational interviewing techniques and health psychology, ensuring your members are assessed, connected, and enrolled in relevant community programs.


Proven Outcomes

The success of any SDOH initiative requires driving sustainable outcomes. Signify Community monitors and reports on quality, satisfaction, and financial outcomes that benefit you and your members.

Start solving social determinants of health and improving outcomes for you and your members