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We are closely monitoring the developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of our provider partners and the individual members we serve. Get the latest updates for Signify Health Providers and Patients and Health Plan Members

Signify Complex Care Management

Superior, personalized care anywhere.

We are focused on improving the quality of care, reducing utilization, and decreasing costs through complex care management.

A multi-disciplinary team works with your members to provide them with chronic condition management, facilitate medication adherence, address social determinants of health, utilize palliative care, and more.

Whether we are meeting members in their home, nursing facility, in a community center, or in the homes of their children or caregiver, our trained teams of health care professionals provide managed care anywhere.     

Experience improved care for the most vulnerable members residing in facilities with Signify Complex Care Management.  LEARN MORE
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Health Outcomes


Reduction in readmissions per 1,000

*Statistics from Michigan 2018-2019 data

Operational Efficiency


Reduction in ER visits per 1,000

Financial Performance


Improvement in Medical cost excluding SNF PMPM*

Managed Care to Increase Quality of Life

When combined with our health risk evaluations, your clinical staff and our team coordinate to provide care to members that meet the criteria for additional services, such as post-acute care management, palliative care, access to community-based programs to impact social determinants of health, and more. As with any primary care physician, our teams treat and diagnose members and place them on care plans to manage their health better and avoid unnecessary utilization, such as emergency care, hospitalizations, and readmissions.

With our complex care management solution we can:

Identify and stratify members by risk.
Be face-to-face with the member, providing high percentages of member engagement.
Focus on follow-up behavior and education as preventative care.
Uncover social determinants of health such as spousal support or food insecurity.
Work with members to increase medication adherence.

High-risk members benefit from the personalized care and outreach from our physicians, nurse practitioners, and care managers, along with support from social workers, pharmacists, and more to ensure they are adhering to their care plan and medication regime, as well as managing their conditions with regularity.

Our clinical care team provides services to help improve quality of life by focusing on managing chronic conditions and treatments while addressing social determinants that can impact the severity of a condition. For members that are facing terminal conditions, our providers can provide palliative care to increase quality of life before transitioning to hospice care.

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Nursing Facilities image of nurse and patient

Nursing Facilities

For nursing facility residents, our care team collaborates with members, their facility care team, and their designated provider to evaluate and manage the care plan. Members and the facility care team receive in-person visits from our providers to evaluate and adjust care plans and medications. Our telephonic RN care coordination team works with the facility team to identify services needed and to avoid unnecessary hospitalizations and readmissions.

Learn how you can decrease utilization, improve quality of care, and reduce costs with personalized care management.

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