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We are closely monitoring the developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of our provider partners and the individual members we serve. Get the latest updates for Signify Health Providers and Patients and Health Plan Members

Signify Health Risk Evaluations

Accurately capturing more risk data by meeting members where they are most comfortable.

Our health risk evaluations (HREs) extend the reach of complete documentation and accurate data collection to assess the right member anywhere. Once high-risk members are identified, our team goes to work with scheduling the member for an appointment with a clinician from our nationwide provider network. We provide phone, email and foreign language support to reach the identified members. The evaluation can be performed in the member’s home, or wherever is most convenient.

Our clinicians work face-to-face with members, personally taking them through their picture of health while discussing any conditions and answering their questions. Our technology supports this interaction through intuitive and non-intrusive accurate data capture, which is then provided back to the health plan and the member’s primary care physician.


Our HRE Solution:

Captures an accurate picture of a member's health, including HCC and non-HCC conditions.
Ensures every member, rural and urban, can be seen through our 50 state-based networks that reach every county in the U.S.
Uncovers clinical and social determinants that contribute to the risk of the member’s health.
Identifies gaps in care and develops a plan to manage risk.
Serves Medicare Advantage, Dual Eligible, Managed Medicaid, and Commercial members.

Since 2009 clinicians in our network have completed more than 4 million health evaluations.

In 2018 alone, we completed more than 1 million evaluations for members across the country.

Each clinician is supported by technology focused on streamlined member interaction — enabling more face-to-face time and less time typing. Our iOS-native data capture tool provides a simple and elegant interface designed with features like Medi-Span database integration for medication dosage accuracy and the ability to load historical claims data to give clinicians the most data available during the evaluation.


Enhanced Clinical Services

Let our clinician network support your members by extending enhanced clinical services into the home. The home is the perfect environment to close these gaps and remove barriers to care as members benefit from less abrasion, less scheduling hassles, and fewer co-pays. Enhanced clinical services paired with our comprehensive and compliant Health Risk Evaluations can truly impact the quality of life for health plan members and have the ability to impact HEDIS and Star Rating outcomes.

Our enhanced clinical services include:

  • Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Testing
  • Bone Density Testing
  • Lab Collection
  • Comprehensive Medication Reviews+ (CMR+)
  • Diabetic Eye Exams
  • Flu Shot Vouchers
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Following our health risk evaluations, more than 42% of members re-engage with their primary care physician within 30 days for longitudinal care.

Capture more accurate risk data with a team of clinicians that supports your members.

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