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Martin Luther King Jr Day: A Day of Reflection and Giving Back

By Cathey Law on 1/18/21 8:32 AM

Today, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Today honors a great man—a once in a generation visionary—who inspires us to transcend race, come together, celebrate diversity and improve the lives of everyone.  

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion
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Diversity+ is everyone's responsibility

By Cathey Law on 12/4/20 8:46 AM

Earlier this year, I was asked to help lead our Corporate commitment to living our value “Inclusive, be one team” in a meaningful way by going beyond the expected and inspiring real change in the way we work. Between the Covid-19 pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement and the country’s polarization over the November election, I thought this would be a challenging goal. But, as an African-American woman, I am passionate about Diversity & Inclusion and was honored that leadership gave me this opportunity.

It hasn’t been easy. There is so much to do, and we’ve just begun tackling this issue; however, I quickly realized that my colleagues truly want Signify Health to be a diverse and inclusive company. From Kyle Armbrester, our CEO, and the Executive Leadership Team to our entry-level new hires, everyone has been encouraging, they are eager to learn, and most importantly, they want change. They are adamant that a diverse and inclusive culture is a core strategic advantage. I had to help make it happen.

When you delve into diversity and inclusion, sticky questions pop up. What does diversity and inclusion mean in our daily work? Who needs to change and how? How do we monitor and enforce change? Where do we start? These are not easy questions to answer, but we always returned to our value, “Inclusive, be one team.”

This year we implemented a series of Diversity & Inclusion training programs for the entire company, including critical topics like unconscious bias. We also began hosting roundtable discussions, starting with one on allyship. In addition, we launched two Employee Resource Groups (ERGs):

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion
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Diversity & Inclusion: Sharing stories, leading change

By Cathey Law on 8/18/20 3:51 PM

As a Black woman in Corporate America I know what it’s like to be supported, mentored and sponsored, and just how important these dynamics are in growing and advancing in your career. However, while I am so grateful for these experiences, they do not outnumber nor erase the other experiences I’ve had of discrimination, racism, stereotyping, implicit bias, both macro- and micro-aggressions, as well as the underlying stress that comes with trying to fit-in when I am the only one or “token” African-American in the room.

Topics: Diversity & Inclusion