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Theresa West

Theresa West

Theresa West is National Vice President Community Solutions at Signify Health.

Recent posts by Theresa West

3 min read

National Public Health Week: Strengthening Communities Through Member-Centric Community Partnerships

By Theresa West on 4/7/21 12:01 PM

Those working in public health are familiar with the statistic that social factors influence 60% of a person’s health. As the broader healthcare community has begun to consider social determinants of health (SDOH) at a systems level, the main challenge before us today is less about what to address or why, but how. Specifically, how do we go about identifying and coordinating social care so that it is integrated with medical care within what is a largely fragmented healthcare system?

4 min read

ConnectAbility: Lifting up those with life-altering injuries

By Theresa West on 3/15/21 9:31 AM

Twelve-year-old Sophia’s life changed dramatically when she suffered a traumatic brain injury and stroke after a horrible car accident. She spent 109 days in the hospital, fighting for her life. When she was finally released to go home, she and her family faced a long, difficult recovery journey —Sophia had to relearn the basic skills necessary to help her reclaim her life.

Topics: SDOH
3 min read

Time for a Change of Heart

By Theresa West on 2/25/21 10:19 AM

Each February, the healthcare community rallies to raise awareness around heart healthy behaviors and the importance of regular screenings. When there isn’t a pandemic, we are doing heart walks, wearing red to work, and volunteering at screenings in our communities. Despite the strides forward in prevention and treatment, heart disease remains the leading cause of death (outside of COVID-19) among high-income countries, and is projected to be the leading cause of death worldwide by 2030.

Topics: SDOH