Peter Boumenot

Peter Boumenot

Peter Boumenot is Chief Product Officer at Signify Health.

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Innovation in the Heartland: How Iowa is leading the future of whole-person care

By Peter Boumenot on 11/12/20 11:44 AM

In 2017, the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) asked, “How can we help our people, specifically women and children?” While the question was simple, the answer was complicated.

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Launching a new chapter for SDoH: Preserving health, protecting privacy

By Peter Boumenot on 9/30/20 6:10 AM

Today, Signify Health and Independence Blue Cross announced CommunityLink™, a new network of community-based organizations designed to break down the traditional barriers between social and clinical care and improve health outcomes for at-risk individuals in the Philadelphia region.