David Pierre

David Pierre

David Pierre is Chief Operating Officer at Signify Health.

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RISE 2023: The Future of Health is in the Home

By David Pierre on 2/28/23 9:59 AM

Older people are a rapidly growing proportion of the population in the United States, and people’s expectations for care are evolving in tandem with their needs as aging adults. Today, there are more than 55 million people over age 65 – the majority of whom are living with more than one chronic condition – who require vital preventive services in order to get and stay healthy. Tomorrow, there will be more.

Topics: Medicare Advantage In-Home Health Evaluations

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How Signify Health is creating a healthy home in Oklahoma

By David Pierre on 7/13/22 8:46 AM

Opening up a new office is always a cause for celebration. It’s a time to recognize the accomplishments that led to the expansion, a time to welcome new colleagues, and a time to establish new connections within your community. The official opening of Signify Health’s new regional service center in Oklahoma City was just such an occasion – and one I was honored to recently host. 

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Earth Day: Building a healthier place for us all to live and age in

By David Pierre on 4/22/21 9:58 AM

One of the many lessons we learned this past year is that the world is a dynamic and fragile health and environmental ecosystem — closely connected and constantly evolving. We all have a role — sometimes big, sometimes small — in caring for our home, our living world.