Advanced Clinical Programs

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The Advanced Clinical Programs complement our foundational ACO Programs. We expand on foundational programs delivering focused client services that align with your ACO strategic goals. The programs are supported and delivered by our team of experts, the Clinical Team, working collaboratively with your Regional Team.


Early data for these programs show the following benefits:

  • Decreased healthcare expenditures
  • Increase in CCM enrollment
  • Decreased Emergency Department utilization
  • Increase in patient satisfaction
  • Increased identification of HCC Capture opportunities


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High Risk Patients and Disease Management Programs

Our disease management programs for Heart Failure, COPD, Diabetes Management and Hypertension provide you with the processes and roadmap to better manage your chronically ill patients. Building this program will help you implement standards of care to reduce healthcare costs, decrease unnecessary Emergency Department utilization, decrease provider burden and improve patient health and satisfaction.



HCC Coding and Documentation Program

The HCC Coding and Documentation Program focuses on using best practices, accepted industry standards and national requirements to improve diagnosis capture and coding. This program has an emphasis on developing strategies and workflows for accurate, complete patient diagnosis coding and documentation.



Care Management Programs

Our Care Management programs provide a process for managing your patient's care between office visits, including behavioral health using interventions proven to improve the health outcomes of your complex, chronically ill patients. Building a care management program can be a source of revenue, decrease healthcare expenditures, decrease provider burnout, and increase the patient's overall quality of care.


Post-Acute Care (PAC) Program

The Post-Acute Care (PAC)  Program is the first step to manage quality, costs and utilization of patients in Post-Acute Care facilities such as skilled nursing. This program is designed to help hospitals, health systems, and independent physician groups participating in our ACOs find opportunity for care coordination and achieve improved patient outcomes.


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Meet the Clinical Team


Alicia Lawless, MBA, MSN, RN

Director of Practice Transformation



Amy Dossey, BSN, RN, CCM

Clinical Leader



Ashley Kilpatrick, RN, CMHWC

Clinical Leader



Caroline Mei, RN, CPC, CRC, CCM

Clinical Coding Specialist



Kim Morgan, RN, MBA

Clinical Team Lead


Stephanie Jeziorski, RN

Clinical Leader