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Benefit from the 340B Drug Discount Program

For more than 25 years, the 340B drug discount program has helped safety-net providers stretch their resources by providing significant discounts on prescription drugs. 340B eligible providers, called Covered Entities or CEs, rely on these resources to fund critical services in the community, such as uncompensated care, substance use clinics, vaccines, and more.

340B is an important part of the continuity of care

Covered Entities are far more likely to treat low-income patients than non-340B hospitals and clinics. Savings from 340B discounts are often approximately 50% of the cost of the medication and can quickly add up. As CEs work with the underserved, protecting and maximizing the revenue from this program is more important than ever for a continuity of care.


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In our unique 340B Referral model, Signify Health uses value-based contract data to identify all eligible referral and contract pharmacy claims to generate revenue and improve care coordination, all while staying compliant with federal rules.

Benefit from our 340B Referral Program

Work with a reliable and accountable partner who is dedicated to building an optimal care ecosystem and ensuring that clinical and financial goals are met.

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Referral prescription & contract pharmacy expansion

Our program captures 12 months of historical data for potential eligible claims.

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Highest standards of compliance

Each claim is tested against HRSA audit criteria for acceptance.

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Improved patient safety

Your care team is alerted about new prescriptions and emerging conditions for follow-up.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is 340B and how does it work?

340B is a drug discount program that helps safety net facilities to stretch their resources to continue providing excellent care in their communities. These discounts are provided by drug manufacturers and are required to participate in other federal drug programs.

Who qualifies for 340B?

340B discounts are available to certain Covered Entities (CEs) defined by federal law. CEs include safety net facilities such as Health Centers, Critical Access Hospitals, Medicare and Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospitals.

Why is value-based payment important to maximizing 340B discounts?

Participation in an ACO can increase 340B discounts by two to five-fold from data, programs, and processes that capture more 340B claims and make sure they are fully compliant. Data from participating in value-based payment gives the CE a much wider view into who is prescribing for their patients and where they are getting those prescriptions filled. This ability to track the prescribers results in optimized claims capture and more savings.

How do 340B and ACOs help with patient care?

Careful, manual review of prescription drug and referral documentation is central to maximizing 340B income. This thorough review can ensure that providers are communicating with each other and prescriptions and specialist visits are not falling through the cracks. In our 340B pilot contracts, we spotted potential drug interactions and specialist visits that could have gone unnoticed without the benefit of that review.

How does the Signify Health 340B program work?

Our compliant program verifies the appropriate patient care coordination, management, and documentation for every processed claim. Through our proprietary data analytics platform, Signify Health will identify potentially eligible 340B prescriptions that have been written by providers who do not practice in the covered entity locations. This rigorous process can increase 340B discounts by 100-500%. This creates a sizable financial opportunity for everyone from the smallest to the largest Covered Entity.

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