Symposium Speaker


Heather Hanson


Heather Hanson is the Director of Product Management. She has been Caravan, Signify Health and now CVS Accountable Care over the last six years. Prior to this role she was the clinical lead for our ACO service line and the Technology Trainer. Heather is responsible for overseeing the technology products and implementation while keeping the patient at the center of the decisions. She is a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Healthcare Informatics and is board certified in nursing informatics.

Heather joined Caravan Health in 2017 as the Population Health Technology Trainer. She is a Registered Nurse with a Masters in Health Care Informatics. Heather works with our ACO clients to provide the training and resources needed to successfully utilize a population health management system, allowing our clients to turn data into actionable information. Highlighted features include: HCC coding opportunities, annual wellness visits, top cost patient lists and leakage reports.