Symposium Speaker

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Quint Studer


Quint Studer is a lifelong student of leadership. He worked for multiple health systems throughout his career, the last stop being president of Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, Fla. In 2000, he founded Studer Group, a healthcare and education coaching company that received the 2010 Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. The company was sold in 2015, and Mr. Studer left in 2016. He went on to found the Studer Community Institute, a not-for-profit whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all people. 

In 2022, Quint founded Healthcare Plus Solutions Group (HPSG) with longtime colleague, Dan Collard, to bring enhanced solutions to the healthcare industry. The mission of the organization is to have a positive impact on those that receive care and those that provide care. HPSG specializes in helping healthcare organizations to diagnose and treat their most urgent pain points in order to achieve and sustain results. 

He has authored many books, with several listed on bestseller lists. His newest book, The Calling: Why Healthcare Is So Special, is aimed at helping healthcare professionals keep their sense of passion and purpose high. He serves on various healthcare boards and is a frequent speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor to individuals and organizations. The tools and techniques Mr. Studer has created over the years are now staples in healthcare systems throughout the world.