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The Holistic Healthcare Journey Begins … with Scheduling

By Signify Health Team on Oct 2, 2023 8:00:00 AM


If there’s one aspect of U.S. healthcare that has become quite clear in the post-pandemic era, it’s that consumer preference rules. Consumers … members … patients—no matter how you refer to them—have come to expect healthcare to deliver the same high-touch, tailored experiences that they have become accustomed to in their everyday lives—from retail to banking to dining. They want to evaluate, purchase, and receive goods and services when and where they prefer, and will seek out those providers who can offer this level of personalization.

In healthcare, virtual and in-home visits that were rare or nonexistent just a handful of years ago are now commonplace, and have even emerged as the preferred interaction for a growing portion of the population. Members report that the Signify Health In-home Health Evaluations (IHEs) help them re-engage with the healthcare system on a new level. Ultimately, these convenient in-home visits are the starting point for a holistic personalized care plan with the member at the center.

"It was very informative. The provider provided me with a lot of tests that I never even had at my doctor's office. I felt that she could have picked up a lot of things being at my home that possibly a doctor wouldn't pick up because just being in your home, they can see how you live." 

- Kurt, Medicare Advantage Health Plan Member

And the very first step in the process is scheduling.

Members want the flexibility of scheduling these appointments in a way that’s most convenient to them. A recent study by McKinsey & Company commissioned by Signify Health revealed that 35-38% of members said they prefer scheduling through digital channels.

Now, with the new Signify Health Online Scheduling Portal, members, caregivers, agents, brokers, and healthcare professionals have the ability to schedule in-home and virtual health evaluation appointments online. Schedule anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

How does this new portal differ from earlier versions? Whereas the previous portal allowed members to request appointments and then wait for Signify Health to call them back, the new portal engages members via their preferred channel for scheduling––along with a vastly improved scheduling experience. Now, members simply schedule their appointments directly online in real time.

The Signify Health portal enables partners such as retail healthcare providers, pharmacies, and insurance distributors to schedule members in real time. The combination of this portal and our partner channels (who have trusted relationships with members) will help Signify Health reach and work with those members who have been hardest to engage.

The McKinsey study shows that engaged members are satisfied members, and that satisfied members:

  • Are more likely to follow the health plan’s recommendation.
  • Are more likely to consider their health plan trustworthy and have a more favorable view of them.
  • Cancel/miss fewer appointments and are more likely to schedule another appointment.

Engagement is an Ongoing Process

Next on the portal roadmap are the additions of block scheduling, mobile enhancements, implementing Adobe Analytics tracking for channel and behavioral analytics, incorporating household scheduling, and adding a member survey at the end of the online scheduling experience.