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Hidden in Plain Sight: Isolation and Loneliness Were Big Problems Long Before Coronavirus

By Signify Health News on 7/14/20 4:21 PM

Social isolation for the homebound was an issue even before COVID-19. Our Chief Medical Officer Marc Rothman, M.D. explains the impacts of isolation on health. Read the full story on Dementia Spring.

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COVID-19 Effects On Care Volumes: What They Might Mean And How We Might Respond

By Signify Health News on 7/8/20 5:20 PM

New data shows the severity of medical issues that have gone unaddressed during COVID-19. The latest Health Affairs blog by Michael Chernew, Mark Fendrick, Kyle Armbrester, and Francois de Brantes illuminates why it is important we enable access to care outside traditional medical settings and in the home. Read the full story on the Health Affairs blog.

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CEO Kyle Armbrester Featured in Authority Magazine

By Signify Health News on 6/30/20 11:34 AM

Signify Health’s CEO sits down with Authority Magazine to discuss lessons in leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full story at Authority Magazine.

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COVID-19 Hit

By Signify Health News on 6/26/20 1:52 PM

Everyone involved in healthcare is trying to figure out what will happen next. While the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare deficiencies in the system, it also may nudge American healthcare toward payment that is more closely aligned to good results. Read the full story at Managed Healthcare Executive.

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François de Brantes Featured in Managed Healthcare Executive

By Signify Health Team on 5/28/20 4:31 PM

Watch Signify's François de Brantes talk with Managed Healthcare Executive's Peter Wehrwein about COVID-19, healthcare supply and demand, and episodes of care. Read the full story on their site here.

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