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Elaine Murphy appointed Site Lead of Signify Health’s new technology center in Bonham Quay Office Campus, Galway, Ireland

By Signify Health Team on 4/6/22 10:47 AM

U.S. company Signify Health initiates recruitment for software engineering and tech roles

Signify Health announces Galway’s Bonham Quay office campus as location for its new technology center

DALLAS and GALWAY, IRELAND –  Signify Health (NYSE: SGFY) -- Galway-based technology business leader Elaine Murphy has been appointed Site Lead of Signify Health’s technology center in Galway, Ireland.

Earlier this month, the U.S. company announced it would be opening a new technology center in Galway City, creating more than 125 new technology innovation roles by the end of 2023.

The Company also is announcing today that it will locate its technology center at the Bonham Quay campus in Galway, Ireland, where it has started actively recruiting team members – initially focusing on software engineering, product management and other technology development positions.

Signify Health is a leading U.S. healthcare technology platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology and nationwide healthcare provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs. The company’s solutions align financial incentives around outcomes, providing tools to health plans and healthcare organizations designed to assess and manage risk and identify actionable opportunities for improved patient outcomes, coordination, and cost-savings. With more than 2,000 employees in the U.S., Signify Health is dual-headquartered in New York City and Dallas, Texas.

Elaine Murphy, who will lead the company’s operations for the site, is a seasoned leader in high-profile start-ups and scale-ups with experience in product innovation, customer experience, business development and finance.

Murphy joins Signify Health from LiveTiles, where she was Senior Vice President of its EMEA Operations. Prior to LiveTiles, she was Ireland Site Lead for games developer Electronic Arts (EA), where she led their Galway site and multiple functions in their Austin, Texas location. She has held leadership roles in Ireland, the U.S. and across mainland Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

In 2017, Murphy was elected to Ireland’s Board of the American Chamber of Commerce and became chair of the Chamber’s Finance Committee in 2020. Currently, she is a member of the Chamber’s Executive Board, where she showcases the diverse business opportunities, culture and lifestyle the West of Ireland has to offer technology companies.

Signify Health’s Galway technology center will be located at the Bonham Quay office campus. The Company selected Bonham Quay for the property team’s commitment to creating a collaborative, sustainable environment and strong enterprise culture and lifestyle. Bonham Quay is using the One Planet Living framework to meet bold sustainability objectives, ensuring the offices are as environmentally and socially sustainable as possible.

Josh Builder, Chief Technology Officer, Signify Health says:

“Elaine’s extensive technology and leadership experience, together with her deep roots in the West of Ireland, make her uniquely qualified to help us build a technology center of excellence with professionals who have the experience, ingenuity and passion we need to solve healthcare’s most complex challenges.

“Building the next generation healthcare ecosystem means taking a whole new approach to information management, analytics, systems design and applications. Our integrated U.S.-Ireland team will be at the forefront of making every aspect of healthcare align around what will lead to the best health outcome for each person, and I’m excited to begin this new phase in our journey.”

Elaine Murphy, Vice President and Site Lead, Signify Health Galway Operations, says:

Having had the opportunity to engage with and work alongside technology leaders from all over the world, I have a special appreciation for what Signify Health aims to accomplish and how building a technology center in Galway will help accelerate those goals.

“It is personally exciting to see industry leaders like Signify Health recognize the breadth of talent in the West of Ireland, and I am very much looking forward to unlocking developmental opportunities both for our talented professional community and for Signify to take healthcare in a much needed new direction.”

“We want our team members to work in an environment where they can easily collaborate and, together, achieve goals that they did not think possible. To do this, we are building a hybrid office space that fosters both team and individual creativity, while allowing team members the flexibility to work either in our office space, or in the location where they excel the most.”

Murphy earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Studies from the National University of Galway and the Atlantic Technological University, respectively. In 2017, Murphy was among successful business women from around the world who were selected as members of Harvard Business School’s Women’s Leadership forum, where she was recognized as a leader in building collaborative cultures, driving innovation in technology and championing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

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Signify Health is a leading healthcare platform that leverages advanced analytics, technology, and nationwide healthcare provider networks to create and power value-based payment programs. Our mission is to transform how care is paid for and delivered so that people can enjoy more healthy, happy days at home. Our solutions support value-based payment programs by aligning financial incentives around outcomes, providing tools to health plans and healthcare organizations designed to assess and manage risk and identify actionable opportunities for improved patient outcomes, coordination and cost-savings. Through our platform, we coordinate what we believe is a holistic suite of clinical, social, and behavioral services to address an individual’s healthcare needs and prevent adverse events that drive excess cost, all while shifting services towards the home.