HLTH GOLive Event

From Healthcare to Community: Reimagining Care for Patients with Social Needs

Original Air Date: July 21, 2021

Through deep partnerships with networks of community-based organizations (CBOs) and the sharing of common tech and data tools with network CBOs, payers are bridging gaps in social needs to achieve better health outcomes. Explore this exciting model and its impact through real-world examples, and learn how to shift from a referral-focus to a care-advocacy approach to addressing SDoH. The panel will address both challenges and elements critical to success, including:

  • The infrastructure needed for both CBOs and health plans to function as a collaborative care community.
  • Patient engagement challenges faced by all stakeholders
  • Core tech/people/process considerations for health plans and CBOs
  • Addressing legal, regulatory and cultural aspects of sharing data/referrals across the extended clinical and social care team
  • Opportunities to demonstrate impact on outcomes
  • Implications for CBO sustainability and reimbursement
  • Collaborative care communities in action: Independence Blue Cross/CommunityLink, Community Rebuilders/GRACE Network and Signify Health
  • Applying what we have learned to accelerate transformation