The in-home health evaluation: Assessing the needs of the whole person

Original Air Date: December 14, 2021

Health plans need the full picture of a member’s health. How do they live outside the four walls of the doctor’s office? Our health is most influenced by what happens outside those walls in our daily lives at home and in our community. 

This is the ultimate goal of Signify Health’s in-home health evaluation. When we send clinicians into the homes of patients, they are able to go beyond assessing physical and mental health. They can get a better understanding of a member’s home environment and the SDOH issues that prevent them from achieving good health. How often are they able to get to the pharmacy? How are they getting to their primary care provider? Our clinicians log all of that data and route it directly to the member’s health plan to address gaps in care and provide whole-person health. 

Watch as Signify Health nurse practitioner Dana Lynch explains the benefits of in-home health evaluations in detail.

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