A comprehensive alternative treatment approach for substance use disorder

Original Air Date: July 30, 2020

With 70 percent of people with a direct or indirect substance use disorder employed, the impact of SUDs to performance, absenteeism and costs for care are staggering. While substance use disorder is a chronic illness that requires a comprehensive medical, behavioral and social care approach over months and years, care delivery and payment today does not reflect that reality.

Employers in Florida and across the country are leading the way to innovation, moving towards models that look at the needs of the whole person and supporting lasting recovery.

Hosted by the Florida Alliance for Health Care Value, this panel session explores what employers can do to affect market-driven change. Francois de Brantes, Senior Vice President, Signify Health, moderates a discussion with Eric Bailly, Director, Business Development, Anthem; Brad Rex, President and CEO, eHome Counseling Group and Greg Williams, Managing Director, Third Horizon Strategies.