The in-home evaluation: What do they look like?

Original Air Date: December 16, 2021

What does a Signify Health in-home health evaluation look like? 

First, our clinicians are deployed to the homes of health plan members. While in the homes of members, Signify clinicians perform comprehensive, holistic health assessments — medication reviews, in-depth physical exams, and preventive screenings like diabetic retinal exams and bone density screenings. They also work to identify SDOH and evaluate members’ living conditions. 

Most importantly, in the words of Signify NP Heather Smith, “we’re there to answer the questions that are important to that individual member.” 

One of the flaws of our transactional healthcare system is the lack of time members get to spend with their provider. This time is essential for helping members understand their conditions and better navigate their healthcare journey. One of the primary benefits of Signify in-home health evaluations is time — time members get to spend with clinicians to get their biggest healthcare questions answered and ensure they’re able to spend more healthy, happy days at home.

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