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Support patients’ transitions from acute and
post-acute care settings all the way home

Improve patient outcomes and increase shared savings

Support patients’ transitions from acute and post-acute care settings all the way home to improve patient outcomes and increase shared savings. From identification within the acute setting to stabilization in the home, we track the patient’s journey longitudinally and support recovery through clinical and social coordination that drives appropriate utilization, reduces preventable readmissions, and improves outcomes.

Signify Health’s Return to Home solution launches in 50+ hospitals nationwide

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Optimize patient recovery and improve engagement







appointments initiated
per patient


social care needs
identified per patient

Reduce the likelihood of readmissions

Leverage our national network of providers and community-based services to prevent readmissions by giving patients continued support. Our nationwide team of clinical and social care coordinators connect patients to relevant local programs and track all interventions longitudinally to measure the impact of SDOH resolution on health outcomes and performance goals.

Benefit from our experience running one of the largest transitional care programs

By focusing on care plan review, access to home and community based services and reconnecting patients with their primary care and specialty providers, we’ll help you reduce 30-day rehospitalization rates.

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Focused on quality

Transparent quality assurance, audit, and readmissions review processes help to reduce variations and ensure adherence to best practices.


Nationwide program

Interdisciplinary care teams provide scale and sustain evidence-based, virtual first transitional care programs across large geographies.


Local support and coordination

Augment care coordination with local providers to enable patients’ timely follow-up with local providers, access to healthcare services, and closure of SDOH gaps.

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