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Use the links below to access the Educational Events Request form, Content Development request form, and access to our new content management system, Brandfolder. 

Request Forms

ATTENTION: You must submit BOTH an Educational Events request form and Content Development request form if you are planning to host an event that will require a Content-created presentation or materials. Submitting an Educational Events request form DOES NOT inform Content of your request and vice versa. 


Educational Events

Use this form to request assistance with hosting and/ or promoting an in-person or virtual event. 


Educational Event Request


Content Development

Use this form to request new content creation, content updates, existing content removal, and Learning Management System (LMS) requests. 

Please note that content requests that require review by our clinical and/or legal teams will take up to 20 business days. Please allow 5-10 business days for clinical review and an additional 10 business days for legal review to be completed before the content is assigned to the design team.


Content Development Request



Please follow the steps using your specific SSO. For any issues accessing your account please submit a request to

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Sign in to Brandfolder

Getting Started

Once logged in, you will see multiple ways to search for content.

As a Guest User, you can:

  • View, download & share Assets
  • Change file type & size (width & height; maintaining aspect ratio)


Tour Brandfolder Features

Asset Modal Tour

Simply put, an Asset is any piece of collateral our organization utilizes for internal and external purposes.

Excitingly, an Asset’s file name, description, Tags, and metadata are all indexed in Brandfolder, vastly improving our ability to quickly find content. 

  1. Tags - these are keywords assigned to an Asset to boost its discoverability. You can use the search bar or Advanced Filter Drawer to type any preexisting Tag and easily locate related content. A few of our company Tags you can search for are: “Brand”, “Internal”, and “Human Resources”

  2. Descriptions - this field is added to an individual Asset container to describe items like usage details or guidelines, product information, or any other details our company wants to associate with that particular Asset

Next, let’s take a tour of Brandfolder’s core structure components by looking at a Collection environment. For your reference, Collections are curated spaces specifically designed and populated with a particular audience or user group in mind. Different Collections can serve our internal teams as well as our external partners.


CVS Approved content

signify health approved content


Sections are directly tied to uploading and are used to separate Assets by their file type or purpose like videos, images, presentations, logos, icons, etc. Sections are the broadest way of organizing Assets in a Brandfolder.

If Sections answer the question “What is this Asset?” then Labels answer the question “How/Where will this Asset be used?”.


Labels provide visual navigation of how our collateral is organized in a folder/sub-folder structure most people are familiar with. Labels are created at the Brandfolder level and can individually be pulled through to the Collection level. When you click on a Top Level Label or Sub Level Label, you’ll be able to filter down and find Assets associated with that specific category. 

Guest Users cannot add or change Section or Label structure. As a Guest User, you can access the Bulk Action Bar to share or download Assets.

Any time you have one or more Assets in a selected state (checking the small box located at the bottom, left corner of an Asset preview), the blue Bulk Action Bar will appear along the bottom of the page. 

Sharing Assets


Sharing Assets Help


Share Links can be created by any user in the platform, including you as a Guest User. They are great for when you want to share Assets externally, send large videos over email, or when you want to send a quick link to specific Assets.

There is no limit to how many Assets you can include in a Share Link. It could be one, or it could be hundreds. 

  • Share Links are a dynamic resource, meaning that Assets can be added and removed from them by Admins and by the user that created the link
  •  When you decide to share content, you will be presented with options before sending
  • The first is the privacy setting. If you are sharing this content with external users, make sure the link is “Public”. This is the default
  • You have the option to rename your Share Link. It is recommended that you update this in case you need to refer to it later on. Admins have access to edit and change these links. Including a client name or description of the content is a good practice to follow
  • Other options include requiring identification and expiring the link. If you select to require identification, the recipient will need to enter in an email address before they can see content. If you expire the link, they will only have a limited amount of time to view the Assets. Both can be important in the proper scenarios
  • Make your changes and save the link. Then you can copy the URL. This can be shared externally as needed

Downloading Assets


Downloading Assets Help


You can choose to download a select number of files all at once from the Bulk Action Bar. By clicking download, collateral will appear in a ZIP file on your computer.

By choosing “Advanced Options” a Guest User can add padding or fill, adjust the Assets’ sizes as well as distribute in bulk. 

This option allows you to download select attachments for scenarios such as:

  • Only the PNG file types
  • Only images with 2200px widths
  • Only images smaller in file size
  • Only specific versions

Additional Features

Pins and Search Bar

Two other approaches to finding Assets include Pins and use freeform search via the search bar.

Pins are pre-defined, commonly used or highlighted searches. These can be used in tandem with Labels to create quick filters. Guest Users cannot create Pins, only click on preexisting Pins. 

The search bar is similar to the functionality of Google search. When you start typing, you will also notice the system presents you with additional options or suggestions. You can always click on these to help in your searching efforts.

You have four search operators that you can choose from, depending on your needs. ‘Any of these terms’ is meant to be broad and retrieve as much content as possible. ‘All of these terms’ will offer more refined results. ‘Contains this phrase’ will show you results if you only know part of a filename, tag, etc. ‘Exactly this phrase’ is case and pluralization sensitive and is the strictest search option. 

Advanced Filter

Next to the search bar is the Advanced Filters. These filters contain operations that can be used in tandem with Labels, Pins, or keyword searches to further narrow down results. You can select Top Tags, specific file types, choose the file orientation, enter in SKU numbers, or identify a specific upload date or time frame. Remember to click “Clear” in the Advanced Filter drawer once you are done using the tool. 

View Options

View Options allow you to customize how Assets appear in your view. It can be helpful to update these settings depending on your needs. You can choose between tile or grid view and update Assets per page.  

Sort Options

This will allow you to change how files are ordered in each Section. While there are 11 options to choose from, we recommend sorting content by: “Upload Date (newest)”.

Download Through Asset Modal

Once inside the Asset container, Brandfolder Users can click on an attachment’s thumbnail to view the content in the preview window. Here, you can also choose to share the Asset or download the file. When selecting to download, you can convert the file to meet your needs (JPG, PNG, TIF, etc). 


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