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We are closely monitoring the developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and are taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of our provider partners and the individual members we serve. Get the latest updates for Signify Health Providers and Patients and Health Plan Members

About Us

Our mission at Signify Health is to improve quality of life by providing comprehensive care where and when it’s needed most. We are dedicated to a vision of transforming the quality and delivery of care by utilizing our intelligent technology platform to create a better care experience through our national network of clinicians.

Continuum of Care Icon

Continuum of Care

Our continuum of care offers an escalating set of services designed to manage the full spectrum of an individual’s health. We have deep expertise in episodic payment models, patient engagement, and our dedicated clinicians provide both health risk evaluation solutions and complex care management services.

Mobile Clinician Network Icon

Mobile Clinician Network

Our mobile clinician network can reach every county in the U.S. and is made up of highly trained clinical professionals, enabled by technology that provides sophisticated analytics and logistical support.

Health Assessment Data Capture Tool Icon

Health Evaluation Data Capture Tool

Our health evaluation data capture tool is designed to be elegant and easy for clinicians to use, letting them spend their face-to-face time with complete focus on the care they provide.

Health Risk Assessments Icon

Health Risk Evaluation

Our health risk evaluations help health plans impact 42 Star Ratings, 40 HEDIS measures, and 19 QRS measures.

Above all, we provide care for those who need it most. We understand the benefits of a personalized approach to clinical encounters, and the importance of conversation, understanding, and sitting knee-to-knee with the patient in the best setting for care delivery: the home.

Our Leadership

Kyle Armbrester
Chief Executive Officer

Tad Kendall
Chief Revenue Officer 

Nathan Goldstein
Chief Strategy Officer 

Joe Jasser
Chief Medical Officer

Adam McAnaney
General Counsel

Steve Senneff
President, Chief Financial
& Administrative Officer

Victoria Bartolome
SVP, Strategic Initiatives

David Pierre
Chief Operating Officer,
Home & Community Care

Peter Boumenot
Chief Product Officer,
Home & Community Care

Melanie Smith
SVP, Product Management,
Home & Community Care

Denise Quintanilla
Chief Human Resources Officer

Shane Henderson
Chief Technology Officer,
Home & Community Care

Laurel Douty
EVP, Clinical Operations, Episodes of Care

Brian Bhuta
Chief Product Officer, Episodes of Care

Roger Francoline
EVP, Episodes Strategy, Episodes of Care

Vincent Fitts
SVP, Analytics, Episodes of Care

Learn how Signify Health’s continuum of care can help improve the quality of your care.

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