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The hours you want, the flexibility you deserve

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Join us as a
contract nurse practitioner

Do you have a passion for engaging with people and helping them on their journey to better health? Signify Health is hiring board-certified nurse practitioner contractors to conduct in-home health evaluations for managed care patients. These evaluations consist of a history and physical evaluation performed in the member’s home. Most nurse practitioners can complete 6-9 assessments per day (35-50 per week) when working a full schedule.

This meaningful work revolves around you. Our nurse practitioner contractors can earn a competitive wage (or supplement their current income) while managing other commitments and enjoying a healthy work-life balance.

Incentivized Partners@3x

Earn income that works for you, working as little or as much as you want

Time Comittment@3x

Set the schedule that fits your needs and lifestyle as an independent contractor, 1099 position (locum)


Plan around clinical work, family, and other commitments with short-term, long-term, or part-time roles


Hotel, rental car, and certain incentives provided for qualifying travel assignments

Positions are available for nurse practitioners across the United States. In some cases, light travel may be required.

“I appreciate the flexibility of the work schedule and getting to meet interesting people that I otherwise wouldn’t have.”
- NP with Signify Health
“Every day is a new day. The thing I’m proudest of is having the opportunity to educate patients.”
NP with Signify Health
"I have chosen to be a nurse practitioner with Signify Health because I know the difference our in-home evaluations can make.”
NP with Signify Health
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About the assessment

For each evaluation, we will provide you with a pre-populated, patient-specific form with the demographic information and medical history of the patient as made available by the insurer. You will not be required to prescribe medicine, order lab tests, do blood work or alter the member’s current treatment regimen. Learn more about the member experience.


Nurse practitioner license and board certification required. Must be eligible to work in the United States.

In-home health evaluation with Signify Health demonstration, as a clinician takes a health plan member's blood pressure

For more information and to get in touch with one of our recruiters, please complete this form.