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Women's Health changing
outcomes by changing payment


About the whitepaper

While most women in the United States have guaranteed access to health coverage and care teams equipped to optimize outcomes, the quality of women’s health continues to lag in two primary areas: maternity and hysterectomy. In addition, these two areas constitute a significant portion of women’s healthcare costs. The rate of C-sections is increasing, maternal outcomes are getting worse, and more than two-thirds of all hysterectomies are performed in ways that are putting women at risk. InsideSpreadV1R1-1

This whitepaper offers an analysis on:
  • Trends on women's healthcare delivery in the United States, with specific analysis on maternity and hysterectomy.
  • How episodes of care can bridge the gap between costly fee-for-service and total cost of care models
  • A close look at procedure reimbursement data, and how reimbursements are indicators of concerning trends in women's care.
  • How replacing the current reimbursement mechanisms with comprehensive bundled payments for episodes of care would reward physicians for optimizing women’s care.



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