The Correlation Between
Enhanced Member Experience 
and Improved Primary Care Engagement


Peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated that Medicare beneficiaries who see a primary care provider (PCP) regularly have fewer hospitalizations and lower health care costs. Yet, certain factors make it challenging for some individuals, particularly older Americans, to see a PCP on a regular basis.

Signify Health’s recent health outcomes analysis validates the impact a comprehensive, In-home Health Evaluation (IHE) has on Medicare Advantage health members' engagement with their PCPs.

Our study indicates an exceptional member experience with the IHE has a robust and long-term link to value for health plans and their members. 


Highly satisfied members are:

  • 61% more likely to renew their coverage with their health plan
  • 26 times more likely to recommend their health plan to a friend or colleague
  • 6 times more likely to report that their IHE has improved their health


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