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Advance the transformation to
value-based care

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Align incentives and accountability with
one comprehensive solution

Partner with us to activate a suite of technology, analytics, and care coordination services that are built to power cost-effective, high-quality experiences for members and providers alike. With our unique episodes of care financing and delivery solution, you can lower costs and improve outcomes with episodes built around chronic conditions and procedures. Shift the focus away from unit pricing discounts to deliver savings that are driven by how and where care is delivered — not merely on what each service costs.

Driving value across the care continuum

Learn how Signify Health's Episodes of Care offer value to employers, health plans, and providers by defining, financing, delivering, and measuring care around the entire course of a person's illness or condition.

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Build results-oriented episode programs

Improve medical loss ratios and enhance clinical outcomes with tailored episodes of care programs that fit your goals and objectives. Having managed $6.1B of spend under BPCI-A in 2019, we offer the macro- and micro-level insights and purpose-built tools that drive success in commercial lines of business, too.

Patient Segmentation

Eliminate uncertainties and share risk

Gain predictability with transparent, fixed pricing and an array of risk models and pricing structures built around your needs. Our risk-sharing model enables true accountability among all providers, ensuring everyone is working toward the same goals.

 Complex Care Management

Network design made easy

We contract with as many providers in your network as possible to improve overall network performance. Then we equip them with tools, data, and resources to align decision-making, foster collaboration, and improve the cost — and quality — of care.

Comprehensive services
Close costly gaps in care

Create lasting change for high-risk patients with our locally-based care professionals, who support the patient’s holistic clinical, social, and behavioral needs throughout their episode of care.

Get smarter reporting
and reconciliation

Execute data-driven strategies for your value-based payment programs using custom analytics, precise episode pricing, and provider performance benchmarks that compare outcomes across individual providers, group practices, and geographies. Plus, we handle program reconciliations, reconciliation statements, and collection and distribution of program savings and losses.


Track and manage
patients throughout their care journey

With a focus on the clinical and operational levers that have the most impact on cost and quality, Signify Health’s leading platform securely enables monitoring and management of patients throughout their care journey.

Proactive outreach

Enable timely interventions and continuous monitoring via alerts from our predictive analytics engine, which quickly and precisely identifies and prioritizes high-risk patients and those who have triggered an episode.

Real-time insights

Access real-time data on costly adverse events, care transitions, medical spend outliers, and other key information to identify — and take — swift corrective action.

Intelligent care planning and decision support

Increase confidence with evidence-based decision support tools that provide individualized recommendations to help reach optimal patient outcomes.

Intuitive care coordination and hand-offs

Drive coordination across settings and providers with care planning and communication tools that smooth transitions and improve the patient experience.

360° views across care settings

Gain a deep understanding of utilization and performance with real-time dashboards that drill down to a site or facility, case manager, physician, or episode of care.

Powerful clinical and administrative tools

Improve operational efficiencies and reduce variations in care with clinical content, engagement tools, and user-friendly portals.

Tap into the latest thinking
on value-based payment models


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The shift from volume to value is focused entirely on achieving better outcomes for the patient. Signify Health CEO Kyle Armbrester discusses the strategic imperatives for moving away from inefficient fee-for-service models.


The State of Connecticut is partnering with Signify Health to deliver value-based care for 220,000+ employees and their dependents with a program that includes a majority of physician groups and health systems in the state.


Frustrated by continued health plan inflation and point solutions that keep piling up and sometimes fail to live up to their promise, employers are looking for more comprehensive approaches that deliver measurable value today—and tomorrow.


Signify Health delivers prospective and retrospective payment models via recently-acquired blockchain technology to support clients wherever they are in their value-based care journey.


Cambia Health expands commercial episodes of care programs, including condition episodes and contracting with additional physician groups across Washington, Oregon, Utah and Idaho.


Signify Health projects growth with its partners in the BPCI-Advanced program.


Francois de Brantes discusses the state of BPCI-Advanced programs seven years after they were introduced.


Reflections on the State of Connecticut’s value-based care program.

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