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Social Determinants of Health

Signify Health Acquires TAVHealth to Impact Social Determinants of Health at Home

We’re pleased to announce that Signify Health has acquired TAVHealth, the leading collaboration platform for risk-bearing and community-based organizations to solve Social Determinants of Health (SDOH).

The first service platform to formally integrate social and clinical care plans

Read the press release.

Signify Health will add to its service offering TAVHealth’s expertise in building curated and accountable community networks, and the technology and privacy capabilities that allow cross-sector care teams to safely collaborate, coordinate services, and create longitudinal social records together.

Enhanced services will provide:
  • In-home evaluations: Signify Health's nationwide network of over 4,000 clinicians will use valuable SDOH insights to share and track referrals among an accountable network of community partners
  • Privacy-Safe Sharing: TAVHealth’s tech-enabled service solution provides a one-of-a-kind privacy architecture that goes beyond HIPAA — incorporating all state and federal laws required for true collaboration between community and healthcare partners
  • Longitudinal Social Records: Privacy-enabled collaboration gives care teams the ability to build longitudinal social records together (a live timeline of all evaluations performed, needs identified, referrals shared, and services provided over time)
  • Proven Outcomes: Preventing unaddressed social risks from flowing into the health system as expensive and unnecessary claims improves health, quality, and financial outcomes


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